Sunday, August 2, 2015

Winnie's Puppies are 3 weeks old.

Winnie's Puppies are 3 weeks old, this morning they had their first spa day!
The puppies did a fantastic job.

 Little Sven is the larger of the two little boys.

 Olaf is the smaller of the little puppies.

 The first spa day the puppies have is very special, each puppy gets a bath, pedicure, big cuddle and their Home Again micro-chip.
This is what the micro- chip looks like.  It is about the size of a grain of rice.
 This is our little Elsa, Elsa is the largest female of the litter and is already a princess.

 Anna is the 2nd smallest female puppy of the litter.

 Gerta is the smallest puppy of the whole litter.  
She is terribly cute and will probably be 7-10 pounds as an adult.
The 3 princesses all lined up.

All of Winnie's puppies are looking for their forever families.  They will be receiving visitors after they have their first set of shots and are looking forward to their open house August 14th.  Winnie's puppies will be ready to go home Labor Day weekend 20115.

If you are interested in any of our little puppies or just have general Bichon questions.  Please send me an email at

I am off to wash Spyder's Royal Crew.  I hope to have their pictures up later this afternoon.
Thank you for looking at our puppies,

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Sharon Hanawalt said...

loretta you are so very generous with posting pictures of the adorable precious babies,, i am so excited & can't wait to get our princess,,, thank you for loving them so very much