Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Breakfast time!

We are having an open house for the puppies to play and visit August 15 &16

Every Morning the puppies go outside to potty and play.  All the adults go out as well but we keep them apart so that the puppies can run off a little energy and socialize.
When they come in the house together they have breakfast.
 This is Momma Dori, feeding both her puppies and Spyder's Puppies.  It is very funny to see 13 puppies trying to nurse at one time.  After a minute they will go in search of Spyder.

The puppies are still to young to know that they need a nap. 
Winnie's puppies play for about 15 minutes, and then I put them in their playpen for a nap and cuddle with mommy.
Spyder's puppies are up to a 30 minutes, before nap time.
And Dori's puppies are at the stage where they will head to the playpen or a raised pet bed and nap when they get tuckered out.  Dori's puppies will play for up to 45 minutes before they need a long nap.

Today we are going to have a spa day and photo shoot, before our trip to the vet.
I will update later today with pictures of the puppies groomed.
We do still have puppies looking for their forever families as well.
Please send me an email if you have any questions about our little puppies or would like to come and visit with them.

Thank you for your interest in our little Bichons

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