Monday, September 14, 2015

The Last Puppy has gone home1

 We have had a very busy summer at Honey Ridge and as the Summer comes to a close the last of the puppies has gone home.
We have really enjoyed raising Bichon Puppies,but now that both of our children have left the nest we have decided that we are no longer going to raise puppies.

 Rampage has asked that we do mention that he is more than willing to provide stud services.

Rampage is a smaller bichon who is full of energy and loves to make me laugh.
This summer he was a very proud Daddy of 24 puppies!
11 beautiful daughters and 13 fine sons.

Anyway with the puppies off to start there new adventures, our adults love to spend time cuddling and now that the weather has cooled off spend a night out by the campfire. Which is were we are heading right now.

Have a wonderful Fall!

Sunday, September 6, 2015

One Puppy Left! Sven is 8 weeks old!

 It is hard to belive it is already Labor Day!
We have been soo lucky to have a summer filled with puppy kisses, cuddles and hugs.

 Winnie's puppies have started to go home, and our last avalible puppy is our little Sven.
Sven has a fantastic coat and loves to cuddle.

 Sven also likes to play, but then he wants to cuddle up right next to me for a nap.

Sven is looking for a home full of love and attention.
If you are interested in Sven please check out our photo album at
or our full album at
If you have any questions please feel free to send me an email.  My address is

Sven is the last puppy we will have available as we are not planning any future litters at this time. 
Thank you for your interest in our little puppies

Winnie's Puppies are 8 weeks old.

 Sven is now 8 weeks old, and the last available puppy from this years litters. 
Sven is a cute little guy with a fantastic coat.

 Sven is a quite guy who likes to cuddle.

Sven at 7 weeks old.
Sven is looking for a forever family he can call his own.
If you are interested in Sven send me an email at

 This weekend Winnie's puppies are starting to go home.  Yesterday Coco and Duchess went home, and today Xana and Elsa are heading home.
As this is the last litter of puppies we are planning, it is bitter sweet to see them go home.
I sweet for the puppies going home to start their new adventures, and kind of sad knowing they will be the last puppies to brighten my summers.
I hope to take new pictures of Sven to day and will post as soon as they are online.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Count and Duchess are 8 weeks old!

We have 3 puppies still looking for homes.
Count and Duchess are 8 weeks old.

Duchess is a very smart little girl. 
She loves to play and has started asking asking for hugs.
 Count is a cute guy.
He would rather cuddle than pose for pictures.

 Sven is 7 weeks old.
He is a quite little guy who loves to cuddle.

 I took over 440 pictures this week and weeded down to just over 200 pictures.
Here is the link to more pictures of our avalible puppies.

Here is the link to the pictures of the puppies that have already found their forever families.

If you are interested in one of our little puppies please send me an email at

Thank you for your interest in our little puppies.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

9 inches of Rain

On Friday we had a very rainy day, almost 9 inches of rain!
Our puppies still went outside to potty, but they were not terribly happy about it.
It was much more fun to come in and play.
 Esme hates getting wet.
Esme is one of our retired girls, she acts as Aunt/Nanny to the puppies.
 I put down blankets and towels for the puppies to play in.  
And Play Tug of war with.
 Our pups love raised pet beds.  Here the puppies are chillen with Nova and Daddy.
 Daddy Rampage playing with puppies.
 Esme and Puppy
My Nova Beans playing Aunt/Nanny to puppies.  She let this little guy crawl all over her.
It took about an hour for everyone to dry off and be ready for a nap.
Even muddy they make me laugh.
If you are interested in our puppies we still have 2 boys and 1 girl avalible. 
please send me an email at
I am off to edit the pictures I took this evening, the grass was still rather wet at 6 pm.
Thank you for your interest in our little puppies.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Morning Play time at Honey Ridge

 Morning play time at Honey Ridge.
  First we all go outside to go potty and make sure the yard it still in good shape.
Then we play in the living room and have breakfast.
In this photo Momma Dori and Daddy Rampage were kind enough to stop for a quick picture.
 After breakfast it is play time!
The puppies have started teething and it is important to make sure they have safe chew toys.
 Then we have games of Tug of War.

 We have one puppy that likes to put all the toys in a pile.
And one puppy that likes to hide all the Good Toys behind the wood stove.

I have not named the puppies in these pictures, mostly because it is hard to tell them apart when they are running and playing in the living room.
But Little Milo picked out this sock monkey toy and would not share with anyone.
 A quick game of Keep away.

And another game of Tug of War.

I thought I would take a quick minute to talk about teething.
As puppies teeth they can be a bit cranky, because it can hurt.  Chewing helps, and chewing on cold items can numb the gums making the process even easier.
There are lots of puppy toys on the market that you can toss in the freezer to help the process and help your puppy during this time.  Sometimes it is all about finding what the puppy likes to chew on.
Puppies can also chew on things because they are bored.  having 2 or 3 toys out at a time and rotating them every few days keeps puppies stimulated.
We also like to play hide the kibble games.  I will get some pictures of the games we play this weekend and post them for you.
We do still have 4 puppies avalible if you are interested in one of our little puppies check out their photo album at
or our full album at

If you have any questions about our puppies please email me at

Thank you for your interest on our little puppies.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Puppies are starting to go home.

 Puppies are starting to go home!
They are very excited.
Countess found her forever family in Illinois!

 Daisy (formerly know as Scarlet) has gone home to Minnesota.

 Princess is looking forward to going home in Illinois tomorrow afternoon.

 Teddy, formerly known as Knight. Is looking forward to staying in Iowa.

 Elsa is looking forward to going home to Minnesota over Labor Day weekend.

 Anna is looking forward to meeting her family and going home over Labor Day weekend.

Coco, formerly Gerda is also looking forward to staying in Iowa.
Milo, formerly known as Olaf is also looking forward staying in Iowa as well.

I broke up the pictures for the puppies just a little bit this week.

We do still have 3 little boys and 1 little girl available.
For pictures of Count, Duke, Duchess and Sven check out this link.

If you are interested in one of our avalibe puppies please send me an email at

Thank you for your interest in our puppies.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Spyder's puppies are 7 weeks old!

Spyder's puppies are 7 weeks old and growing up so fast.
I decided to split up spa day a little this week.  We started with the puppies that are still looking for their forever families.

Duchess is a sweet little girl.
Duchess makes her own way rather than following the crowd.
Duchess a very intelligent little girl.

 Duke is the smallest puppy in Spyder's litter, he has almost caught up in size.
Duke is a very active little guy,and is the clown of the litter.

Count is the largest puppy of the litter, but only by a few ounces.
Count is an old soul, he loves to take naps under the blankets.


Sven is the last puppy avalible from Winnie's litter.
Sven is the biggest puppy from Winnie's litter, and he tends to follow his own path.
Sven is a quite little guy, who would rather cuddle than rough house.

Prince is happy to announce that he has found his forever family tonight!
Prince is looking forward to going home to Illlinios.
More pictures of our available puppies can be found at

Please send me an email if you would like more information about our puppies

I will try to post pictures of the puppies that have their new families picked out early next week.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Busy Saturday

We have had a very busy open house Saturday.  We met lots of new friends and had lots of fun.
I thought I would have a quick post of which puppies are still avalilble and tomorrow, I will post again with the puppies that have gone home and introduce there new names.
From Spyder's Royal Crew 
We have

Knight at 6 weeks old is a very curious puppy.  

Duke at 6 weeks old is our class clown.  He always makes me laugh.
Duke is also the smallest male puppy and is full of energy.

Count at 6 weeks is the puppy most likely to be found napping under a blanket.
Count is also the largest male puppy, he is very laid back.

Prince loves to cuddle and is looking for a BFF
Prince is not the largest or smallest of the litter.

We have 2 little girls avalible from Spyder's litter.

Duchess Does not follow the crowd, but makes her own path.

Princess Steals every princes heart.
She also has slightly beige ears and is most likely found hiding under a blanket with Count.

Winnie has one little gent still looking for a home.  
Sven is a gentle little guy who is looking for lots and lots of love.

All of Dori's puppies have all found there forever families. Today Minion Stuart, Minion Dave and Maddux (Formerly Minion Keven) went home with their forever families.
I am hoping they will send photo updates so that I can send pictures pictures of the puppies as they grow up.

Please check out our photo album 

If you are interested in one of our little puppies please send me an email at

Thanks to everyone who came out to see our puppies today!