Monday, July 9, 2012

Skipper and Zoie are 5 weeks old.

 We had a wonderful open house this weekend.  Well, Kiwi did go for a fabulous flight across the property.  Kiwi landed gracefully in a big tree and waited for Rick (she only likes Rick and Kim) to climb up the tree to rescue her.  I had no Idea she could fly, but she can soar!  Then Rick took Kiwi on a tractor ride.  The 2 of them spent the rest afternoon cooking and surfing the internet.

 We still have 1 little princess available, her nickname is Skipper.  Skipper is a fun loving, out going ball of fun.

Zoie, formerly known as Barbie has found her forever family and cannot wait to check out the great state of Nebraska.  Go CornHuskers!
Our girls love to wrestle and play follow the leader!  
This is what Momma Fawkes looked like after her bath but before her grooming session.
This is a picture of Daddy Saul and Momma Fawkes after they spent some time on the grooming table. 
All 5 of our adult bichons had a bath and a hair cut this week, hopefully I can get some nice pictures of them to post.  Unfortunately, Rose found the first mud puddle she could and was black within 5 minutes of her grooming session.  Rose knows how to make me laugh, she surprises me all the time.
Until next time.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Open House time already!

 We are having our open house this weekend July 6-8th!
It is hard to believe it is already time for our open house.  The puppies have been growing so fast.

This is Princess Skipper.  Skipper is a little adventurer, she loves to explore and see new things.

This is Princess Barbie. Princess Barbie is super cute!  Barbie also loves to see new things but she likes Skipper to make sure it is safe first.  Barbie is our little super model she loves to be the center of attention.

Esme loves to play with the puppies.  Barbie is saying, "Hi! Wanna play?"
Daddy Saul is giving Skipper a kiss.  

I took several pictures of the puppies first trip outside.As of today we still have 1 little girl looking for her forever family.  If you are interested in one of our princesses please send me an email.
It is going to be super hot this week, but we are planning on having the puppies go outside for short periods of time to get used to having different textures under their little pink toes. 
I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe 4th of July weekend!

PS. For those of you who have dogs!  A couple of quick cool tips.  When it gets really hot outside even our pets can become over heated quickly.  Some wonderful tips are

Add Ice Cubes to their water dishes.

If you want you can make ice cubes with yogurt, broth or canned wet dog food and give them to you pooch as chew treats.  Some stores even have dog bone ice cube trays.  If using canned wet dog food you can make shapes on a cookie sheet lined with parchment or wax paper and make your own designer treats. But trust me you dog will not care what shape their treats come in they will love you no matter what.

Some dogs love having a pool available, other dogs just like to get their feet wet  and would prefer just 2-3 inches of water in the pool.

Ok, one last tip.  Get a bath towel wet, wring it out and fold it then put it in a freezer bag.  Freeze the towel, then take it out of the bag and offer the frozen towel for you 4 legged friend to sit on.

1 warning
PLEASE, do not leave you dog in the car in the summer heat.  A car can quickly heat up leaving your precious little one in danger.
Have a happy 4th!