Friday, April 24, 2009

The Puppies are Here!

This is our very pregnant Rose at 8 am this morning. She was in labor when we woke up at 6AM, at 6:50 her water broke. As I collected all the puppy birthing supplies Rose followed me from room to room wagging her tail. I collected several clean towels and sat down on the living room floor with her. Rose had other ideas, after jumping on every chair in the living room Rose decided to have her puppies on the Lazyboy (not to worry it had several layers of towels).
I was very worried about her, and called the vet just in case of an emergency. I have a really nice vet, I called every hour to check in and we agreed that if she didn't have her puppies by 10am we would have to do a C-section.

This is Rose and her new little girl. This little gal was born at 9:45 am, just as I was getting ready to call the vet again.

Rose had another little girl at 11 am. What a pair they make!

Rose and the girls have been moved from the Lazyboy into her kennel behind the Lazyboy. I hope you have a great weekend. I will post more pictures of the girls next week.
Ta for now,