Monday, May 6, 2013

Winnie has had her Puppies

 Sunday at 7am Winnie let everyone in the house know that she had decided it was time to have puppies.  Our first little prince arrived about 40 minutes later.  Winnie was glad to have all 7 healthy babies into the world by noon, so that she could take a well deserved nap.
Winnie is proud to show off her 4 little super heroes.

 And her 3 little princesses!
Winnie is a great mom!  She is very protective of her new little ones, and I swear she has given them all names because if I steal one, for just a heartbeat, she is up and looking for her missing babe.

I took lots of pictures of the puppies and few of Winnie. Like all moms in labor, Winnie would rather I deleted than share some of the pictures.  I always get questions about breeding dogs and I wanted to share a little of the reality of what it is like, we had 2 heart stopping moments so I put the camera down to just be with Winnie and do what I could to make her feel better.   This time I connected with how hard it must be for expectant human Dads to watch their wives go through labor.  But also how amazing it is to see a new mother forget all of her pain as soon as her little bundle of joy enters the world.  Winnie is one of the best mom's, and my favorite this Mother's Day.

Have a Wonderful Mothers Day!