Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Morning Play time at Honey Ridge

 Morning play time at Honey Ridge.
  First we all go outside to go potty and make sure the yard it still in good shape.
Then we play in the living room and have breakfast.
In this photo Momma Dori and Daddy Rampage were kind enough to stop for a quick picture.
 After breakfast it is play time!
The puppies have started teething and it is important to make sure they have safe chew toys.
 Then we have games of Tug of War.

 We have one puppy that likes to put all the toys in a pile.
And one puppy that likes to hide all the Good Toys behind the wood stove.

I have not named the puppies in these pictures, mostly because it is hard to tell them apart when they are running and playing in the living room.
But Little Milo picked out this sock monkey toy and would not share with anyone.
 A quick game of Keep away.

And another game of Tug of War.

I thought I would take a quick minute to talk about teething.
As puppies teeth they can be a bit cranky, because it can hurt.  Chewing helps, and chewing on cold items can numb the gums making the process even easier.
There are lots of puppy toys on the market that you can toss in the freezer to help the process and help your puppy during this time.  Sometimes it is all about finding what the puppy likes to chew on.
Puppies can also chew on things because they are bored.  having 2 or 3 toys out at a time and rotating them every few days keeps puppies stimulated.
We also like to play hide the kibble games.  I will get some pictures of the games we play this weekend and post them for you.
We do still have 4 puppies avalible if you are interested in one of our little puppies check out their photo album at
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If you have any questions about our puppies please email me at

Thank you for your interest on our little puppies.

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