Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Minnie's Puppies are 3 weeks old!

The Boys really wanted to Grab your attention this week and really played to the camera.

Here we have Peter. Peter and Cottontail are about the same size. Peter has more pink on his nose.

This is Cottontail. Cottontail has one eye that doesn't have the black markings yet.

This is Benjamin. Benjamin is the smallest of the boys, I think he will have beige ears.
Benjamin was the most active little guy when we were taking pictures, he was very interested in checking out the strange black monster covering my face.

The girls were very laid back when I took pictures this week. Just like in the story book, they were very well behaved while their brothers caused some mischief :)

This is Flopsy. Flopsy is just a tad larger than her sister, she also makes the cutest little noises.

Here we have the little charmer Mopsy. This little princess seems to know all the right Super Model posses already.
This week the puppies each received their first collars so that they are easier to tell apart. The puppies have started crawling around just a bit more, by next week they should be tooling all over the living room.
Tomorrow they will have their first taste of puppy gruel. The puppies will mostly just play and make a big mess for mom to clean up later. They should start eating the gruel in earnest by Saturday. And Saturday the puppies will have their first bath day.
We still have 1 little girl and 1 little guy available if you are looking for a puppy please send us an email.
More Pictures are on our Picasa Site if you love puppy pictures as much as we do.
We are planning on having families out to play with the puppies March 6 & 7th, however if you would like to come and visit with the puppies another time please email me and we can set up a day to play.
Ta For Now,

Monday, February 15, 2010

Minnie's Puppies are 2 weeks old!

Minnie is loving being a mom and we have 5 very healthy little puppies that are starting to open their eyes and take a look at the world around them.

We decided to name the puppies after Peter Rabbit because they will be going home around Easter Time.
This is little Peter.

This is CottonTail.

This is Benjamin.

And our little Princesses. This is Flopsy.

And this is Mopsy.
If you would like to see more pictures of the puppies(I always take too many), check out our Picasa Photo album.
This weeks pictures.

You can also go to the albums home page and see all the pictures we have taken.
I generally get new pictures posted to the photo album a day or tow before I update the blog.

We were very sad to loose the smallest puppy of the litter. I took her to see Doctor Winters and ended up tube feeding her for several days. She passed away while sitting on my lap, she just fell asleep and didn't wake up.

We still have 1 female and 2 males that are looking for homes.
Please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have.
Ta For now,

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Minnie's Puppies have arrived!

Minnie had 6 beautiful little puppies in the wee hours of January 31st.

3 little girls

and 3 little boys.

Our Birthday Album!

Minnie is doing well and enjoying being a mom. The smallest little girl is struggling, we have been supplimentng moms milk with extra calories to give her a little boost over the last few days. Today we decided that she still needs more and I started her on puppy formula. Right now I am typing with one hand and holding her with the other. Mom is not very happy with me, but I promised to give her back after she ate some formula for me.
Because she is needing some extra help getting started with life I think she needs a nickname, hmmm...
I will have to think about that, maybe she will give me a hint while we are spending time together.
I will update eveybody Soon.
Ta For Now,