Monday, March 22, 2010

Puppies at the Park!

Thursday was in the 60s so we just had to go to the park!

We picked up our best buddy Wendy and went to the park just south of highway 30.
This is the puppies impression of Charlies Angels. Buddy, Abby and Libby had lots of fun on the play ground.

It is really hard to get everybody looking at the camera at the same time. Benjamin has the blue leash, Libby is the purple leash, Buddy has the green leash, Peter has the black leash and Abby has the flower power leash.

Benjamin Loves to give kisses, Libby isn't sure she likes it.

While Libby and Buddy wrestle Peter makes a clean get away with the "Golden Leaf."

After lots of play, everybody settles down for a nap. Kyree always naps in the sun and doesn't mind sharing her napping spot.

Sam and I managed to come down with a cold and have not been feeling very well, but the puppies keep us going out for fresh air every few hours. They are soo much fun to watch as they explore their surroundings and smell new smells. It is hard to be sick when the puppies make us laugh so hard. Benjamin loves to sneak attack his siblings and manages to jump quite high. Libby and Buddy seem to be our thinkers and mediators, except when they are in the middle of the world class wrestling match. Abby and Peter are the super models, they are always the first in line for attention and photographs. All the puppies love to explore and find new things to taste, Esme was very kind this week and found a ball of yarn to share with her new friends.
Friday all the puppies will start going home with their new families, they are all looking forward to smelling new smells and spending more time with their new families.
This week we took over 250 pictures at the park, but I managed to cut it down to just 157 pictures. See how much fun the puppies had at the park by visiting out Picasa Photo Album.

Rose and Saul have decided that they are going to have a litter of puppies in May, Rose's puppies will be ready to go home in July. If you are looking for a puppy send us an email.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Minnies Little Ones are 6 weeks old.

I am happy to report that all of Minnie's Puppies have found their forever families, the puppies have really enjoyed meeting everyone and can't wait to go home!
This week the puppies had their first visit to see Dr. Winters and Bea. They had a full check up and their first set of shots. Everyone did very well, and was very happy to here that they would be meeting another family that evening.

The puppies love to wrestle right now, and after a good wrestling match they like to make up and take a nap. Momma Minnie is at the bottom of this napping pile. ;)

I could not belive my eyes all 5 puppies managed to climb into their favorite napping spot, I guess when you are tired your tired.

This is princess Abby. Abby is our little super model, she loves to pose for pictures. Abby loves to play and often sneak attacks the other puppies. Abby's favorite napping spot is the toy box.

This is Libby. Libby is very laid back and loves to play. Libby also has the cutest little pounce and bark move.
This is Peter. Peter loves to lick the camera, so a lot of his photos end up just a bit out of proportion. I would say he is the hero of the bunch, always exploring and checking out new monsters he might vanquish, or new friends to play with!

This is Buddy. Buddy was very excited to meet his forever family this week. Buddy loves to play tug of war. He also loved playing tag with the ducklings during the photo shoot.

Last but not least is Benjamin. Benjamin is a very resourceful little guy, he loves to play and be the center of attention. Benjamin also likes to sit in the center of the food bowl and keep all the food for himself =:)
This week I started with over 250 photos and managed to weed them down to 180 or so. All the action shots are at the end of the album after the photo shoot.

This week the puppies are each sleeping in their own Big puppy beds.
One of my best tricks to transitioning puppies home requires an old t-shirt to be destroyed. Families wear it for a day, or sleep in it and then put it into a plastic ziploc bag and mail it to us. I cut it into squares and put one square in the kennel with their puppy every night for about a week before they go home. This is a great way for the puppy to get used to the scent of their new home, and the puppies tend to be more relaxed when they go home. Of course the puppies will also go home with a blanket that smells like mom, so they don't feel all alone to soon.
The puppies will start going outside to potty with mom today, they may get a little muddy, but we have lots of baby wipes to wipe their feet. We are planning a trip to the park on Thursday, the weather man says it is going to get up to 60 degrees! Hard to belive it was soo cold just 2 weeks ago.
Have a great Week!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Minnies little ones are 5 weeks old.

All tuckered out! We have had a very busy weekend, meeting lots of fun new friends, smelling lots of fun new smells and, our personal favorite, tasting lots of new shoe laces!

Here are our two favorite girls, checking out the artificial grass that just arrived in the mail.

The boys decided that they would rather have real grass but that the fake stuff would work for now.

This handsome little guy is Cottontail. Cottontail is still looking for his family, he is very patient and understands that they will find him soon. Cottontail loves to explore and play tag, then snuggle down for a good nap.

This pretty little princess is Flopsy, she is not quite as patient as her brother, but momma Minnie told her that her family will find her soon. Flopsy is a great little princess who loves attention and playing chase. She loves to nap on a big fluffy pillow and will share, with the right company.

Drum Roll Please!

This curious little guy is Peter. Peter met his new Mommy and Grandparents this weekend, he is very excited to be a future Minnesotan. All the parks and trails to explore!

Benjamin is looking forward to meeting his forever family on Wednesday. Benjamin was very excited to hear that he will have lots of fun with a Big Brother and Big Sister to play with.

Abby was very excited to meet her new family today. And a real name too! Mopsy was ok for a short term nick name, but a princess needs a pretty name.

Momma Minnie and Daddy Saul just wanted to say,
"Thanks For Coming to Visit! Sorry about the puddles."

I took way to many pictures again this week. Lots of mom and dad too!

We finally have some warmer weather and the snow is starting to melt, making a huge puddle of the side walk. As soon as the puddle goes away we will start letting the puppies outside to potty with mom, for a few minutes at a time. Until then, the puppies will have potty time in the green house with mom several times a day, and play time in the living room. This week the puppies are going to start both leash training and kennel training. Leash training starts by just putting a leash on the puppies and letting them play. The puppies will play tug of war, get caught on furniture and have Kyree (Sam's Kitten) take off in another direction with their leash. This week Kennel training will start with the boys sleeping in one kennel and the girls sleeping in the other, momma Minnie will sleep in her kennel right next to the puppies so they can both see and smell her.
Please feel free to email with any questions, or if you would like to come and visit with the puppies.
Ta For Now,

Friday, March 5, 2010

Open House Weekend!

We are all getting ready for this weekends open house(March 6 & 7th). The puppies are very excited to meet new people. Maybe even their forever families and just maybe they will get their new names!
Very Exciting!

This is our little Peter. Peter is just too cute.

This is Cottontail. Cottontail is the largest puppy and the most laid back.

Benjamin is the smallest puppy of the litter. Benjamin also has the most spunk.

Our little princesses really know how to steal the show.

This is Flopsy, she is the larger of the two girls. She has a very cute little growl that she uses when the puppies are wrestling.

This is Mopsy, she is the smaller of the girls. Mopsy also has a lot of spunk.

This week the puppies have been playing in the living room a lot and we have been puppy proofing again. It never fails that they find something that they shouldn't play with.
Minnie is looking forward to a full night sleep again, I keep telling her that Sunday we will start Crate training the puppies. The puppies will start crate training by sleeping with a buddy(3 in one and 2 in the other). After a week of that they will start sleeping by themselves.
We are all looking forward to the puppies first vet visit on March 12th. So we can start visiting Petsmart or the Park, if the weather warms up.
We always take way too many pictures.

If you would like to come and visit the puppies send me an email I can email directions. If you would like to visit with the puppies another time just let us know and we can schedule a visit.
I will update the blog again Sunday night and let everybody know who has found their forever home.

Ta for Now,