Sunday, August 24, 2008

Time to start heading Home

Minnie's pups are almost 8 weeks old and are ready to start going to their new homes. This week we played dress up, for the puppies that will go to homes with little girls. We also took the pictures before their bath so they would be more active. It was also easier to tell them apart in the pictures so we took over 100. They are at the Picasa site.

This is Willie. He is a quiet little guy who likes to cuddle. Our little race car driver this week. He is normally camera shy, but not this week.

Mortimer is also a cuddle bug, but he is a bit more active. This week he is dressed as a Rock Star.

This is Rob. He is dressed up as a dog with attitude. He is really a sweet little guy. He wants to go to a home that will spent time teaching him tricks.

Angua is a shy little girl.
She would like a quiet home, but she is not a complainer and will adjust to any situation that comes her way.

Molly is Looking forward to meeting her new family in a few weeks.

Rose had a litter of 5 puppies Aug. 12th. This litter will be ready to go home in Mid October. I will put up pictures as soon as their eyes open. We have decided that they will be named after characters from the British comedy "Keeping Up Appearances." (shown on PBS)
Ta Ta for now.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Minnies Puppies at 7 weeks old

Kim, our photographer/blogger has gone off to collage but she took these pictures on Aug 18th and I am just now finding the time to update the blog.The puppies just hanging out after the photo shoot.

This week the puppies have been busy learning what a leash is! We have gone on several car rides and even been to the pet store. We have been house training for 2 weeks now, the puppies are climbing up and down the 3 stars to go in and out of the house. They are also learning to come when called .

This is Rob.
He would love to go home with someone who would teach him how to do tricks. If you are looking for a puppy to train to fetch your slippers Rob is your guy. He is quite a catch.

This is Mortimer.
Mortimer loves cuddles and exploring.

This is Willie.
Like so many of us, he was a little camera shy this week. If he could talk he would have said,
Mom do I have to!
Willie is a nice quiet cuddle muffin.

Ahh Angua.
Angua is the smallest puppy in her litter, but she is bursting with personality. She loves to cuddle and play with friends.

We couldn't forget Molly Kissing Dexter! Molly is the only puppy we have placed so far. She is our shutter bug. When she sees the camera she gets in front of it.
I hope to have more pictures up early next week.

To see all of the pictures Kim took on Monday follow this link:
Minnies Puppies 7 weeks

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Five weeks!

Okay, their five weeks was a little bit ago, I did get a little busy with them. But here's the update, so yay!

Here we have Angua, who finally grew into her tropical blue collar - she's the smallest, and the only available girl.

Molly's so cute, the most rambunctious and troublemaking pup this week. She says hi to her people at home - She can't wait to meet you girls!

Mortimer's more quiet this week, learning his ropes.

Rob's starting to get as loud and spunky as molly is. This week, he feels confident and rambunctious!

William was a bit tired after his bath. Not to mention he's the sweetest and quietest puppy I've had yet. Aww, such a cuddle-bunny!

So they did have their first bath on Sunday, and they took to it rather nicely. They had a bath, got their nails trimmed, we looked in their ears, got them all nice and blowdried, and then they went out in the damp grass and got all dirty again. *sigh* Ah, puppies. Gotta love 'em. They're going into the vet early next week, and they should get their microchips soon as well.

Remember: The whole album of pictures we took can be found on Picasa - make sure to check them out at