Monday, July 28, 2008

Minnie's pups 4 week update

Minnie's puppies are now four weeks old! This week they start trying out solid food, or puppy gruel. Sounds tasty, eh? They are exploring and getting all over the place, but are still a bit shaky with this newfound ability to walk.

Here we Have Angua, who's the litttlest. (Aggie)

Dexter checking out Molly

Mortimer and Daddy

and William (willie)

More pictures!!

They're going to start becoming more active and cute in the next few weeks, developing their personality and style. Look for more updates!

Friday, July 25, 2008


So Zorro found a new home today! He's so excited - his new roommate is a cute bichon named Cheerio. Bye bye, Zorro! have fun at your new home!

So that means the last of Fawkes' pups have been sold. I guess that means the Minnie's pups get the limelight now.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Who's left II

So Zorro is the only little guy left from fawkes' litter. He's enjoying all the individual attention that comes of being all alone. He's chilling out. He's been perfect with his potty training, and he's doing well on a leash. We're still working on the digging, though.

Minnie's little guys are very adorable - at three weeks of age, they're going to get their names soon. Probably.

Here is Molly, who already has a family waiting for her.

This is Angua, the smaller girl.

The three boys don't have names yet, maybe tonight, but here they are.

These little boogers won't be ready to go until the end of august, but we're taking reservations, and they sure are cute in the meantime!

Who's left?

Wow, All but one of Fawkes' pups have found homes! The only one left is Zorro, but he's a real calm guy who's quite adaptable. (And the best pup, in my opinion.)

I'm going to get pictures up later today of the five little ones that Minnie had - they're little tiny babies that will be ready to go home late august.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

And bigger.. and bigger..

Fawkes' puppies are getting bigger!
We're proud to announce that they haven't had any accidents in the past week, and that they take the lead very well. They went up to Minnesota last saturday, where Zeus found a new home. Still waiting for their owners to come along are:



And Athena, who didn't get a picture because she was all dirty from digging in the yard.

Plus: Minnie apparently got pregnant nine weeks ago, because now she has Three boys and Two girls. These little buggers are just about two weeks, and beginning to open their eyes a little. This is the smaller girl, with mom.

Monday, July 7, 2008


Alright- so we took some of the puppies to the playground, and they had a lot of fun sniffing around, playing, sliding down the slide, running everywhere, and generally having a good time.

Freya went home yesterday - her new parents are so happy to have her. I kind of miss her.
We have several puppies possibly getting ready to go home - if you really want a specific pup, you might want to call (or email) us and arrange a deposit to be sent.

Also: an update on the other litters coming up:
If you are looking for a puppy, but would like to wait a bit, Minnie dropped a litter last week. There are three boys and two girls, and they are growing quickly. As soon as they hit 4 weeks, we'll have pictures ready. Rose is scheduled to have a litter in eight weeks, who are going to be adorable little buggers. We cut rose's hair down because she got into a patch of burrs that we couldn't get out, but she should grow out by the time her pups are ready. She likes her new haircut, but it kind of looks rather silly. *giggles*