Thursday, April 28, 2011

Open House May 1st!!!!

Saul and Fawkes would like to invite you to come and meet their little garden gnomes (puppies) Sunday May 1st!
We went to the vet and the puppies had a full check up and their first puppy shots. Dr Winters said that the puppies looked great! And they did so well, hardly a peep out of the puppies for the whole ride and no tummy upsets either.

Marshmallow is the First puppy out of the playpen every time I open the door, today he discovered bones! Marshmallow is a very outgoing loving little gent who loves to follow me everywhere I go. Tugging on my robe in the mornings, making me laugh. Marshmallow will love a busy family.

Licorice is starting to develop a nice coat, but he still has the shortest coat to work with. Licorice is the first puppy to go back into the playpen to take a nap.

Chervil is my cheeky little man, he is not overly talkative or whiny, he just has a certain something (je ne sais quoi). Chervil is playful, loving and outgoing, he is almost always in the middle of the group coming out to give me kisses when I open the playpen.

Vervain our little vampire hunter (because the herb Vervain is said to ward of vampires) is a quite unless he finds himself alone or lost and then he whines until he finds help. Vervain likes to check new things out before he blunders into the middle of anything new. Vervain is also in the middle of the group of puppies rushing out of the playpen to taste my toes in the morning.

Sage is an old soul. Sage is one of the last puppies out of the playpen when I open the door, he takes his time and makes sure to get a good hug every time. Sage is a quiet wise man, but if he is pushed by his siblings he will fight back. Sage adapts well to new stimulus, but is one of the last puppies to try new things. Sage spent most of the picture taking time crawling on my legs.

Periwinkle is our biggest baby in every sense. He is one of the last puppies out of the playpen, and he is the largest. He is also a bit more timid with new things than the other puppies. However THIS puppy is SUPER DUPER cute and he knows it. He has 2 beige ears, but what really makes him cute is, he sits on his butt and begs.

Basil is one of our most out going puppies. Basil is our explorer, always wanting to try something new. Basil is also a major flirt, always giving me tons of kisses. This morning I asked him if he was trying out for Casanova because he put one paw on either side of my mouth and gave my nose a good kiss.

We couldn't forget our favorite Minnesota Girl Lily. Lily is very excited to finally meet her forever family for the first time on Sunday! She wants to know all about her new 4 legged siblings.
This week I took lots more pictures.

No chicks this week, maybe next week we will do pictures with the chicks so everyone can see how much they have grown!
As of this post we still have a couple of male puppies still available. I will know which ones they are soon and make sure to post with their new forever names!
If you are interested in visiting with our puppies or want more information about this litter or upcoming litters send me an email at

I better go see what my little men are into now.
Tata for now,

Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Living Room Invasion Has Begun!

The puppies are invading the living room!
It is so much fun to open the playpen and have 8 little ones run out to greet me every day. The puppies are still new explorers and do not stay out for very long, but they are enjoying meeting and playing with all the members of our family.
I think Momma Fawkes is also enjoying having helpers to play with the puppies.

It is almost Easter and the puppies enjoyed having their pictures taken with our last hatch of chicks.

This little guy is Basil with a White Leghorn chick.
Basil is our explorer, always the first to try something new.

This puff ball is Marshmallow. Marshmallow picked out a bantam frizzle chick.
Marshmallow has the longest hair.

This is Prince Periwinkle with a bantam frizzle chick.
Periwinkle is the largest puppy weighing 2 pounds and 5 ounces, he is also very gentle.

Sage is very wise he choose the slate blue bantam chick.
Sage is a quiet little guy with a beige ear.

Licorice choose a White Leghorn Chick.
Licorice has the shortest coat, he says it is for easy grooming.

Our Vampire hunter Vervain choose a bantam frizzle chick.
Vervain is a nice little guy with a good coat.

Chervil choose a bantam turken chick.
Chervil is the smallest little boy, he weighs 1 pound 14 ounces, but he has a big personality.

Princess Lily choose the slate blue chick.
She has very good taste, only the most rare of gems for her.

This litter of puppies is tons of fun and they are very polite. The puppies are very excited about the weather getting warmer so they can see what is on the other side of the door.

This week I tried to put a different color border around the pictures of each puppy to help identify them. Please feel free to look at the entire album.

We are planning an open house on May 1st. If you would like to come and visit with the puppies just send me an email and we will range a time to visit. 5 of our little boys are still looking for forever families. my email is

Have a great Easter!

Friday, April 15, 2011

We have NAMES!!

Lily and her brothers have had a very busy week. They each received a pretty, but scratchy collar so that we can tell them apart. Lily thinks hers is the prettiest and can not wait to show her family.

Each of the boys have also been given a herb nickname until their forever families give them new names, so the humans in the family have a slightly easier time.
This cute little guy is Marshmallow.

This cute little guy is Vervain.
This wise little man is Sage.

This handsome gentleman is Chervil.

This little charmer is Periwinkle.

This little sweetie is Licorice.

Last but not least is our quiet little Basil.
I guess I should mention that the smallest 3 puppies are now 24 ounces and the largest one is 28 ounces, it is rather hard to tell if they are different weights by looking at them.
On Sunday the puppies started eating puppy gruel, and they have been really enjoying making big messes twice everyday. The good news is that momma Fawkes really gives each one a good bath to make sure she gets some of the Yummy gruel too. We also started leaving solid puppy kibble in the playpen and the puppies have been busy trying to chew on the solid food as well. Solid food is less sticky but is sure spreads out fast ;)
Thursday the puppies had their very first bath and each received their very own microchip. Then they had a cuddle and full grooming. Marshmallow won the longest hair award with Lily as runner up.
Basil won the award for being the first to taste a chick. Basil managed to get a whole wing into his mouth, but he didn't bite down so the chick didn't mind.
Then all the puppies took a long nap.
I did manage to weed down the pictures to 115 shots.

We have have had 2 families decide that they were just too busy for a puppy right now so 5 of our little boys are still looking for their forever families. If you have any questions please feel free to send me an email at

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Fawkes Little ones are 2 weeks old

Our little ones are 2 weeks old!
This week the puppies are starting to growl and make little barks!
Puppy growling sounds more like a cat purring, but it is ever so much more cute!

It is still very hard to tell most of the boys apart. This weekend the puppies will get their first collars and nick names.
I am thinking about using herb names, like
Basil, Sage, Thyme.

I used eggs in the pictures to give an idea of just how big the puppies are now.

And we can't forget a picture with a newly hatched chick!

This is our precious Lilly. Lilly can't wait to meet her family and sister Bella.

I took a lot of pictures for you to look at
, and I will post more soon.

Momma Fawkes is doing great. Monday she had a little time to herself when she made a quick dash to the vet to have her stitches out.
As of today we have 3 little boys still looking for their forever homes. If you are interested please send me an email at

Next week we will have pictures of puppies playing in their first attempt at semi solid food. It will be messy and fun!

Friday, April 1, 2011

9 Days old

I am very happy to report that all 8 puppies and Momma Fawkes are all doing splendidly!
Mom finished up her antibiodics and is happily spending all of her free time cuddling and caring for her little ones.

The puppies spend all of their time eating and sleeping, but it is amazing how quickly they can crawl when they want to!

The puppies are just thinking about opening their eyes now. In some of the pictures you can just see the beginning of their eyes starting to open.
I uploaded about 50 pictures of the puppies to our photo album. Please check them out.

Off I go, to make Momma Fawkes Lunch! Today we are serving Puppy food in a gravy of puppy milk replacer, plain yogurt and just a dash of powdered liver. Yummy!

I believe that we still have 3 little boys looking for their forever families. Please feel free to send me an email if you have any questions.