Friday, July 31, 2015

Open House Weekend has arrived.

Dori and Rampage are proud to invite guests to meet their little Minions.

 Minion Stuart is an old soul, he likes to wait and see how everyone else reacts before jumping into the fray.

 Minion Bob, is the currently the most reserved of the litter.

Minion Carl, is the clown!

Minion Bob is the the photo hound.
 Bob says, "Bello!"

Minion Keven stops to smell the flowers.

 Princess Scarlet loves to explore with her brothers.

All 6 of Dori's Minion lined up!

Open house is Sat August 1st and Sunday August 2, 2015!
And Dori's puppies can now have visitors any time.  Just shoot us an email and we will schedual a time to visit.

We still have puppies avalible to go home August and Early September if you are interested send me an email and I will reply with more information and our telephone number.

Have a safe and happy weekend!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Hot July!

Good Morning!
It is going to be another hot day.
I thought I would take a quick minute to say, puppies get hot too!
To keep cool they like,
Water with Ice Cubes
Frozen water Bottles
Damp towels that have been chilled in the freezer

Puppies can overheat very quickly so keep visits outside short and offer lots of water to help them keep cool.
Oh, and I took lots more pictures, I will update the blog later today, but here are the links to the new puppy pictures

Winnie's little ones were very active, so I didn't get good shots of them.  I will try again tonight.
We still have puppies available from all 3 litters.  If you are interested in our Bichons, please send me an email at

Dori's puppies will also be having open house August 1 & 2nd.  If you would like to come and meet some of our Bichons let us know.
Thank you for viewing our blog,

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Open House Next Weekend! August 1 & 2nd 2015

Dori's Minions would like to invite you to their open house 
August 1st and 2nd!
Today we had a spa day and I am just starting to edit the pictures.  This one jumped out at me, and I had to share right away.
If you are interested in one of our puppies, or would just like to spend some time getting to know the Bichon breed send me an email and I will email directions.
Thank you for viewing our blog,

Monday, July 20, 2015

Dori's Pups go exploring outside!

 The puppies are growing up so fast.  Here is a pictures of one of our little boys from each litter.
From Right to left.
Winnie's pup at 1 week , Spyder's Pup at 2 weeks and Dori's pup at 4 weeks.

 Minion Dave, is still just a little wet after his bath.

 Minion Bob, loves to give kisses!

 Minion Carl is just too cute.
 Minion Keven leads the charge.
 Minion Stuart, is our explorer.  He goes the furthest and then cries for momma to show him the way home.
 And our little diva, Scarlet.  She likes to follow Keven out into the world.
Cuddle time in the yard.
It didn't last long, they all managed to find me hiding behind the camera.  And I was covered in puppy kisses.
At the moment we have 4 little boys avalible from Dori's litter of puppies.
We are planning an open house for Dori's puppies the weekend of August 1st.  If you would like to come and meet our puppies please send me an email at
We also have pups  available from Spyder and Winnie's litters.
I am currently thinking we will combine Spyder and Winnie's open house the weekend of August 14th, Dori's puppies will also be going home that weekend.

This spring I took a new position at work as a result we are seriously considering no longer breeding our beloved Bichons.  Our current plan is to keep 1 breeding female intact and letting the others retire.  But we have thus far been unable to agree as to which female we will not spay.  We do not plan on future litters, but still want to keep an option open.
If you are interesed in one of our little darlings please send me an email.
Thank you for reading our blog.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Spa Day for Dori's Minions!

 A Quick nap before spa day begins.
At our house spa day begins with each puppies getting a bath, cuddle, blow dry and pedicure.
We then follow up with a quick photo shoot and then the puppies go back to momma.
Momma is very happy to have clipped nails and fresh smelling little ones.
After their first bath they are rewarded with a brand new collar and nick name.

 This is Minion Carl with his new born Uncle. It is amazing how fast our little minions grow.

 At our house puppies rule.  The humans think they rule the roost, but they are misinformed.
This is minion Carl.

 Colored collars help the humans identify puppies from a distance, momma can tell by smell.
Our Green collared minion is Stuart.

 I put colored borders on the pictures in our albums to help identify puppies from pictures.
Minion Dave has a black collar and a black border on his pictures.

 Minion Bob, is just too cute.

 RC Cola is my moms favorite soda pop. 
Minion Keven says he prefers good old fashioned kibble.

This little girl rules the litter.  So we nicknamed her Scarlet.
Momma's little princess.
A Short Video of he puppies eating puppy mush.
Dori's puppies have already started munching on hard kibble, but puppy mush is much easier for them to digest.  And they really enjoy making a big mess, then having momma Dori give them a bath and clean them up.
Every day my Bichons make me laugh!  Each of our Bichons are unique individuals.
Momma Dori is a young pup who loves to play and cuddle, Daddy Rampage is full of spunk and wants to show off.
If you are interested on one of our little ones, please feel free to send me an email at
Have a wonderful evening. 

Monday, July 13, 2015

Winnie's Pups Have arrived!

  On Sunday afternoon Winnie's Puppies arrived.  This is Winnie's retirement litter.  Hopefully we can come up with some super cute names for them.
So we are very busy playing with puppies every free moment of the day.  I thought it would be fun to show the size difference a few weeks make.
These 2 pictures show how fast the puppies really grow. 
From left to right.
Winnie's Pup born 7-12, Spyder's pup born 7-3 and Dori's Pup born 6-20

 Winnie is a very proud momma!
Even though she has her own puppies if one of her grand puppies (Dori's Litter) starts to cry, she wants to go over and take care of them as well.  It is very cute to see Mom and Daughter raise puppies together.
 Winnie has 2 perfect little sons.
And 3 precious little daughters.
Both Momma and pups are doing well, I think the second half of the summer is going to fly by. Winnie's puppies will be ready to go home Labor Day weekend.
As of this positing all of Winnie's puppies are available.  If you are interested in a bichon puppy please send me an email at
I took lots of pictures of all 3 litters of puppies today.  I will be editing and posting the pictures over the next few days.  Dori's puppies had baths today and got new collars and nicknames.We are going with a minion theme for Dori's litter.
Winnie will retire as soon as her puppies go home and she is looking forward to going home to the great state of Minnesota and her Momma Shanna.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy 4th of July! Spyders Puppies have arrived!

 At midnight on July 3rd Spyder started having puppies.  
By 4 am she had had 4 little boys and 3 little girls.
 This is one of Spyder's little girls with Dori's little girl. 
Wow do they grow fast!
 Little girls love to stretch!
Spyder's little boys with one of Dori's little gys.
A short video of Spyder nursing her puppies.

We still have 1 little girl and several little boys from both litters if you are interested in one of our little pups please feel free to email me at

I hope everyone has a safe 4th of July holiday!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Dori's pups are growing so fast.

A short little clip of Dori Nursing her babies!
We did a very quick photo shoot tonight.  Rampage would rather play than pose for the camera so we kept it short.
 Our little princess, has found her forever home.  But can't wait to find another little girl to play with.
 Dori has 5 little princes.  4 of our little guys are still waiting to find their forever homes.
This week they are working on opening their eyes!
 As the puppies eyes start to open so do their little ears, so a good portion of them will get to hear the fireworks on Saturday!
 This litter of puppies is VERY active.  I bet by next week they are out and about exploring the living room.
 Did I mention that these little guys are always hungry.  We took these pictures 15 minutes after snack time, and all of them were already asking for another snack.
Our little gems are so very excited to see the world around them and get a jump start on trying everything new.  They are also just adorable and super fun to cuddle with.
I hope to continue to add more videos each week, so that we can share the fun watching the puppies learn about the world around them.
More Picutes of the puppies can be found on our Picasa Photo album
If you are interested in on of our little boys please feel free to email me at

I would be amis if I did not mention that Spyder is Due to have a litter of puppies today!  We have been watching and waiting, but she has her own time table.  We will let you know as soon as they arrive.