Saturday, August 1, 2015

Dori's Puppies are 6 weeks old!

 Puppies grow up so fast.   Each week they change a little bit.
This is Scarlet at 6 weeks old.  Scarlet is a fun loving explorer who can not wait to go home with her family.  She is wondering if they are more Twins or Vikings fans.

Pumpkin (formerly Minion Bob) met his new daddy today and learned how to video chat. 
He is looking forward to going home and exploring very soon.

We still have Minions looking for their forever families.
 Minion Keven, tried out his new leash today.  
Like a proper minion he inspired all his siblings to make a very pretty 6 color leash tangle.
 Minion Carl is just too cute.
He is the clown of the litter.
 Minion Dave is the smallest puppy of the litter right now.  
Dave is a quiet little guy.
 Minion Stuart is a cuddle puppy.
He loves to explore and then cuddle up for a nice nap.

 Momma Dori had a nice bath today and wanted to say Hi.
Daddy Rampage has been having lots of fun with his little ones.  4 or 5 will gang up on him, they climb on him and tug on his tail. He is very gentle with them, and seems to enjoy all the attention, even if it is a little one tugging on his ear.

We had a wonderful first day of August, but it did get very warm.  We introduced the puppies to a gel blanket that I had in the freezer, and while they were a little hesitant at first,  all 6 ended up taking a nap outside in the yard on it. 

The puppies had a fantastic photo shoot today, but I was able to weed the pictures from 260 to 160.

If you are interested in learning more information about our puppies or would like to come and visit with them please send me an email at

Have a safe and wonderful weekend.
Thank you for looking at our puppies,

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