Sunday, February 24, 2008

Rose's pups 6 weeks

Rose's little ones have been growing fast. (and consuming quite a lot of time)
They've been eating solids for two and a half weeks now, and now they're starting to sleep in a different kennel from their mom. they've been the most active and rambunctious bunch, demanding to be out of their playpen and in the livingroom for most of the day. They got their microchips last week, and they saw the vet on Friday to get their shots and health check.
They did surprisingly well on their baths this week. They were very cooperative for both washing and drying. I, for one, was thrilled.

Anyway, here's the latest picture update on the cute little boys.

Arthur, the little monster.

Ford, the wise guy.

And Marvin, the ferocious troublemaker.

A group shot, featuring (from left to right)
Ford, Marvin, and Arthur

Also, Archimedes has just recently found a home. He'll go meet his new parents on the 8th, in Iowa City. He's thrilled. I hope your new home is really nice, Archie.

For more pictures of Rose's pups, you can visit this album: Rose's pups 6 weeks
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and I'm off to attend to some troublemaking puppies.

~Kim and Loretta

Sunday, February 3, 2008

three weeks old!

The pups got another photo session this morning!

Anyway, Ford, Marvin, and Arthur are just getting to the super-cute stage. They're just learning to bark and growl, and they can walk a bit, though shakily. They got some tiny collars with charms, and they're making the most out of their newfound freedom to roam. They're so adorable!

Of Minnie's litter, Victor and Archimedes are still looking for homes. They're coming along well with their housetraining, and were doing pretty good with a leash yesterday.

Also, we've discovered (a bit late, really) the way to share even more pictures.
Check them out at:

have fun!
~ Kim