Sunday, June 25, 2017

Nova and Rampage had puppies Father's Day!

 Nova and Rampage had 6 little puppies on June 18th 2017!  
In this litter Nova has 1 precious little guy and 5 adorable little girls.

 The puppies have almost doubled in size this week, and have been enjoying lots of cuddle time with mom.
 The smallest little puppy a girl is now 8.4 ounces and the 3 puppies tied for largest at 13.4 ounces each.
3 females from this litter are still available as of June 25th, they will be ready to go home starting August 11th, 2017.
New Pictures can be found using this link.    

Our little man has found a home and his name is going to be Lloyd, as we always give the puppies a themed nickname until they have their forever names we decided that we would give the little girls all nicknames that all start with the letter L.  The list that we pulled this morning is, Lucy, Lacy, Lily, Lola, and Lena.  Next week we will try collars on and give each little girl their nickname and assign a colored boarder to all of their pictures to help identify the puppies at a distance.

If you are interested on one of our puppies please send us an email at or
I hope everyone has a fantastic week.
Loretta and Nova