Monday, July 14, 2014

Winnie and Tucker's little ones are 5 weekds old.

  Momma Winnie and Charlie Tucker had puppies the first part of June.  I can not belive that they are already 5 weeks old.  They are growing up so fast, and getting cuter every moment.
I am happy to report that all the puppies have found their forever families and are very excited to explore their new homes.

This is our little Arther.  
He is a little heart breaker and he knows it!

This is Bella Jade, she is a relaxed little girl.  This week she won the Photo Hound Award.

This is the puppy that we are going to keep.  We are currently in a heated debate about her name.  We are naming all of our new additions after cars and each of us has a favorite.  I thought that we had settled on Delorian, but Morgan Baby Doll, and Shelby Cobra are also on the table.

Anyway I better round everyone up for bed, Momma gets to sleep by herself tonight.
Until next week.
Stay Safe and give your puppy a hug from Iowa.   

Before and After Spa Day

Sorry I have really gotten behind with my blogging.  I had no IDEA it took soo much work to raise 3 puppies at the same time.  I seem to spend all my time potty training, obediance training, grooming,
 keeping EVERY item in the house off the floor

 and massive amounts of time laughing.

 This is Fiat Spyder at 11 months old before and after her hair cut.
Spyder has just started to settle down and has become quite a lap dog.  Even though she was my 40th birthday present Rick is her favorite human.  She follows him around and has made up her own games to play with him.

 This is Chevy Nova at 8 months old.
Nova is Sir Saul's daughter, and I can see the resemblance every day.  Even though Nova and Saul did not meet until she was 8 weeks old they have a very special bond.  Nova always says hi to dad first.
It is so funny and special to watch Nova and Saul play together.
Nova is our BIGGEST CHEWER EVER, but she is finally starting to settle down. 

This is Dodge Rampage back in May when he was 5 months old.

 Here is Rampage this week at 7 months old.
Rampage is going to replace Saul in our breeding program when Sir Saul retires next year.
Rampage is a little steam engine, full of energy.  He passed Super Puppy training class in June with flying colors.  His favorite part was all the goat cheese he was able to eat for training.
Rampage is a little handful, the afternoon after his hair cut he found a puddle and came in the house
He is a little terror, but I spend soo much time laughing it is all worth it.

Momma Winnie is at 7 years old.  Winnie and Fawkes are full sisters. Winnie is planning her retirement after her next litter of puppies.

 Winnie after her hair cut.

 This is Momma Fawkes  at 7 years old before and after grooming.
Fawkes just went to the vet to have her retirement procedure. 

 Sir Saul the Wise is now 8 years old.  It is hard to believe.
Saul is currently scheduled to retire next year, if all the stars align Fawkes and Saul would like to find a retirement home together.  They are love birds and can always be found together.

This is Charlie Tucker.  Our 10 year old clown,  too see him move you would not believe he was more than a year old.
We adopted Tucker last summer because he stole my heart.  Even his bark makes me laugh.