Saturday, August 29, 2015

9 inches of Rain

On Friday we had a very rainy day, almost 9 inches of rain!
Our puppies still went outside to potty, but they were not terribly happy about it.
It was much more fun to come in and play.
 Esme hates getting wet.
Esme is one of our retired girls, she acts as Aunt/Nanny to the puppies.
 I put down blankets and towels for the puppies to play in.  
And Play Tug of war with.
 Our pups love raised pet beds.  Here the puppies are chillen with Nova and Daddy.
 Daddy Rampage playing with puppies.
 Esme and Puppy
My Nova Beans playing Aunt/Nanny to puppies.  She let this little guy crawl all over her.
It took about an hour for everyone to dry off and be ready for a nap.
Even muddy they make me laugh.
If you are interested in our puppies we still have 2 boys and 1 girl avalible. 
please send me an email at
I am off to edit the pictures I took this evening, the grass was still rather wet at 6 pm.
Thank you for your interest in our little puppies.

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