Friday, August 26, 2011

Time for Park Pictures!

Our little Elf was the first puppy to go home to her forever family. She was super excited to start her new adventure.

Charlie was the second puppy to go home.
Charlie was happy to learn he would have several feline friends to play with.

After Elf and Charlie went home we thought it might be fun to go to the beach. I had never taken puppies to the beach before so it was a first for all of us.
Chloe surprised me and headed straight towards the water.
Chloe is looking forward to going home on Saturday.
I think Chloe and her big sister Nadia will have lots of fun exploring all the lakes in Mn.

We only spent 15 minutes at the beach because the boys kept climbing into their kennel and hiding. So we decided to go to the Isaac Walton League Club that has lots of shade and grass to play on.
It is always so much fun to bring the puppies to the park,
as long as we pack a good puppy go bag to bring with.
The most important things to pack are cold water and a bowl, but we also pack toys, a blanket, extra leashes, a towel or 2, frozen water bottles for cuddling up next to if it is really hot, treats and bags for cleaning up any messes that we might make. I also bring a play pen with just in case the puppies want to take a nap.

I should mention that it is very important to test the temperature of surfaces at the park and beach to make sure the puppies feet will not get burned, surfaces can be deceiving as to how hot they will be.
This trip we stopped by Kim's apartment and brought Miss Minnie along for some fun.

Back to the fun stuff!

The puppies really cut loose at the club.
Misty had lots of fun chasing and smelling all the trees.
Misty can't wait to play with her new big bichon siblings and wanted me to make sure to let them know she is coming home on Saturday.

Hero also loved the club. He is such a clown, always making me laugh in the most unexpected ways.
Hero is looking forward to going home on Sunday.

Bentley Merlin is our little trouble maker.
Ok, he doesn't actually make trouble he just likes to threaten to make trouble.
This week Bentley has been keeping close and and sweet talking me into treats.
Bentley is also looking forward to going home on Sunday.

Please check out our photo album this week, I have lots of fun pictures of the beach and park.

We are very excited for our puppies that they are going home with their forever families and starting their own adventures this week. But we are also a little bit sad that it is time for them to leave already. Just when they are learning to go potty outside and come in and out of the house when called,less work and more fun ;-)
But the Mom's and Dad are excited that they will not have to share our attention, and I have promised them more trips to the park. We love exploring and getting "lost" in the woods.
Until next time,
P.S. We are hoping to update on how past puppies are doing until our next litters are born(spring 2012). If you have one of our puppies and would like to send us pictures and an update we will post them for other families to see how the siblings are doing.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Quick Note

I am sorry I have not been keeping up with the blog this month.
Life just keeps getting in the way.
All the puppies have found their forever homes and most of them have their forever names.
I have uploaded 2 photo albums the links are

Today is a very exciting day. We are going to the park!
I will update and add new pictures Friday.
I better go get a picnic basket ready!
Ta For Now,

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Last Rays of July

I think that the heat of July has wiped us all out.

I love being able to see the size differences between the puppies, but I thought it might be nice to label them so that every one could tell who is who.

Merlin is just too cute. He may be the smallest but he definitely has the most hair!

Hero and Daddy Saul trade kisses!
Hero is a lot like his mom and daddy, always making cute faces.
And always the center of attention.

Griffin is the biggest of all the puppies, and the most laid back.
Griffin really knows how to steal my heart with his beautiful eyes.

Fairy is the most laid back of the girls, she is also the biggest of the girls, but not by a lot.
Fairy would like to point out that she is still 140 grams lighter than Griffin.

Elf is adorable with her beige ears.
Elf is the middle weight of the girls this week.

Mimic is just super cute and she just loved the camera this week.
Mimic was the smallest of the girls this week.
I think she totally would have won the Top Model competition.

The puppies are really starting to move around and have invaded the living room. I think it is still too hot for them to be outside for more than 10 minutes at a time. So, for now, we spend most of playtime in the air conditioned living room.

The puppies are getting really excited about our open house weekend on August 12-14.
4 of the 6 puppies will get to pick out their forever families and maybe even get their forever names!
We still have 2 little boys available. If you are interested please send me an email at
Please check out our Photo Album!
Dexter was kind enough to pose with all 6 puppies before he took a mud bath!
Ta for now,