Sunday, May 29, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

This week I thought I would do something just a little different. The pictures I have posted are of the puppies when they are not groomed, and it has been a couple of rainy days since their last bath. Just to give you an idea of what they look like when they are not freshly bathed.

Leo found his forever family today.
He was super excited, and is looking forward to all sorts of new adventures.

Dandy is looking forward to going home and exploring on Memorial Day!

Our ever loving and regal Louie is going to stay a little bit longer and keep momma company before he heads out to meet his forever family on Friday.
I am sure Momma Fawkes and I will spoil him with lots of love before he heads home.

It has been really nice having the puppies go home over a few weeks,
it keeps the house from becoming "to quiet, to fast".
I did post more action shots of the puppies and if the weather clears up, I hope to take a few more shots of Louie and Dandy now that they have had a bath.
I will post more soon,

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

New Names

There comes a time in every puppies life when we decide that maybe the names we picked out simply are not cute enough. That time is today!

I would like to reintroduce Dandy and Leo!
First in the ring....

Leo R. Vervain!
This handsome and strong explorer would love to be part of your family. Leo loves to explore and play!

Leo helps get rid of Pesky weeds too!

Our second in command,
Dandy B. Chervil!
Dandy is a handsome little guy with all the charm of a real 1800's dandy.
Dandy loves to charm all the girls and then cuddle up for a nap.

Even in high winds Dandy makes all the girls swoon!

Harry went home on Sunday.
We wish you well Harry, enjoy all your new Mommy's!

Our very Regal Louie is getting ready to go home next Friday.
Louie says, "10,000 lakes, here I come!"

This week the wind picked up as a front went over our house, just as we started taking pictures. The puppies just knew that there was a storm brewing, so the pictures are not as good as I would have liked. Please check out our newest photo album on Picasa.

Potty training has been going very well, even if the puppies have come in the house very muddy during rain storms ;-)
If you are interested in Dandy or Leo please send me an email at
I will be happy to answer any questions that you may have about Bichons.

Have a great afternoon,

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Fawkes little ones are 8 weeks old!

Fawkes Puppies have are 8 weeks old and are starting to go home!
We still have 2 little Princes waiting to find their forever families they are
Chervil and Vervain!

Vervain is a cute little Prince, and quite a charmer.

Here Vervain is charming Daddy into some play time.

Chervil is an adorable little prince. Chervil is our little clown and spends lots of his time making me laugh. I am not sure if he does it on purpose but sure is fun.
Chervil likes to take naps in his kennel, the first time he did I couldn't find him.
Boy, did we laugh when I found him already fast asleep in his bed.

Our regal Louie is looking forward to spending time exploring the land of 10,000 lakes with his family.

Our most handsome Harry is gearing up to meet his family on Sunday.
He is hoping that maybe his new best-est friend will save him some birthday cake.

Licorice is now Cody and is happy to be back on solid ground in the great state of Pennsylvania.
Cody is looking forward to exploring all the new smells, and just hanging out with his new family.

Wilson, the puppy formerly known as Marshmallow, went home on Monday. He was super excited to be the second puppy to go home with his new forever family.

Peri is also very excited to be back on solid ground, but he is checking out the great state of Texas with his new best friend Pearl.

I did take lots of pictures of our boys on their 8 week old birthday, both before and after they had their bath. They did smell lots better after their bath. If only the pictures were scratch and sniff ;-)

We are still working on leash training and the puppies are doing ok,
as long as I follow them and don't ask them to follow me.
Potty training is going much better. The puppies and I go out to play and potty several times every day. We are giving the puppies lots of praise when they go potty outside, and if we can, a little food treat too.
We are having lots of fun enjoying the puppies as they grow and I am making sure to get my fill of puppy kisses before they all go home.
Please feel free to send me an email with any questions that you might have. Or if you are interested in Vervain or Chervil. My email address is
Until next time

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Time for Park Pictures!

Boy have our little garden flowers grown!
It is hard to believe that in just a few short days they will start heading to their new forever homes.
We have 4 princes still waiting for their forever families to find them.

This is prince Chervil. Chervil is full of love and loves to make me laugh.
Chervil also has less facial hair so he will not have problems with tear stains.

Vervain is all boy! Vervain loves to wrestle and play and then curl up in my lap for a nap.
Vervain also has less facial hair so he will not have problems with tear stains.

Licorice knows how to work the camera. He is a little more independent than some of our other puppies and will not mind if you need to go to work, as long as you bring a treat home for him.
Licorice has a bit more facial hair than Vervain and Chervil but he probably will not have tear staining issues.

Periwinkle is our shy puppy. Periwinkle likes to wait until he is sure that the ghost is clear before heading into the fray. I think that Periwinkle would most like a home that has a family member that stays home most of the time or has another dog that would babysit Periwinkle while the humans were out. Of course Periwinkle like to get his way most of the time and he could be pulling the wool over my eyes just to get extra attention too.

I would like to thank our good puppy friend, Wendy, for spending the day at the park with us. Even though it was rather warm on Monday, we couldn't have gone to the park without extra help. 8 puppies running in 8 directions it was lots of fun, but lots of work too.
Our Newest puppy to find his forever family is Marshmallow! Marshmallow is looking forward to finding out what a "Manhattan, KS" is. So far the puppies think it must be a fancy drink, maybe broth blended with yogurt?

Harry is so excited about meeting his family. Harry loves to play chase and be the center of attention.

King Louie is going to stay with us a few extra days before heading to Mn to meet his forever family. He is happy to help mom not feel too lonely after his siblings start going home.

Our Princess Lily just knows that she is going to love Minnesota. Of course her sister Bella told her all about the land of ten thousand lakes just a few days ago. Lily has been dreaming of all the adventures that she will have with Bella.

I took almost 400 pictures at the park, but edited them down to just over
200 of the best pictures this week.
The puppies are keeping me pretty busy running this way and that, but I am pleasantly exhausted at the end of each day.
If you are interested in our little guys or have any questions please send me an email at

I think it may be time to go out to potty again. Have a great day.

Monday, May 2, 2011

The puppies are 6 weeks old.

We had a fun, although very windy open house on Sunday. My husband went all out and put up the gazebo and found enough playpen panels to surround the gazebo so the puppies could not wander too far away. I didn't have the heart to go inside, even though it was chilly.
The pictures of the puppies with their ears blowing in the wind are super cute,
so maybe it was worth suffering through the wind.

We still have 5 puppies looking for their forever homes. They are
Vervain our happy little prince.

Chervil is just a little cheeky :)

Marshmallow loves to follow us everywhere,and is our longest hair prince.
This was all wind, but I couldn't help myself.
Licorice looks very proper in this picture.
Licorice loves to play but is always the first to settle down.

And our Prince Periwinkle. Periwinkle is just so super cute with his beige ears
and he knows it too!

Basil has found his forever family and he is going to be called Harry. Harry is looking forward to having lots of fun with his 4 new human siblings.

Sage has found his forever family and really likes his forever name, Louie. I have been calling him King Louie because he has such a regal look.

Lily had so much fun meeting her forever family and big sister Bella. And loves the toy and pretty dress they brought for her to play with. She is now teaching the boys how to behave in front of a real lady :)

The puppies have been really hard to get good pictures of because every time I try, they all end up in my lap. And of course I end up laughing and playing with the little darlings.

Tonight the puppies will start sleeping 2 kiddos per bedroom (kennel) so that by next Monday they are all ready to sleep in their very own bedrooms. It will not be long and they will start heading home.
I took lots of pictures and posted them in our online photo album.

If you are interested in our little princes please feel free to contact me with any questions
or to arrange a visit at

Rose and Saul have decided that they will be having puppies around July 4th.
Rose already has 4 or 5 families on the waiting list for her puppies, but if you would like to be added to her list just let me know.
I am off to get puppy kisses,