Monday, July 9, 2012

Skipper and Zoie are 5 weeks old.

 We had a wonderful open house this weekend.  Well, Kiwi did go for a fabulous flight across the property.  Kiwi landed gracefully in a big tree and waited for Rick (she only likes Rick and Kim) to climb up the tree to rescue her.  I had no Idea she could fly, but she can soar!  Then Rick took Kiwi on a tractor ride.  The 2 of them spent the rest afternoon cooking and surfing the internet.

 We still have 1 little princess available, her nickname is Skipper.  Skipper is a fun loving, out going ball of fun.

Zoie, formerly known as Barbie has found her forever family and cannot wait to check out the great state of Nebraska.  Go CornHuskers!
Our girls love to wrestle and play follow the leader!  
This is what Momma Fawkes looked like after her bath but before her grooming session.
This is a picture of Daddy Saul and Momma Fawkes after they spent some time on the grooming table. 
All 5 of our adult bichons had a bath and a hair cut this week, hopefully I can get some nice pictures of them to post.  Unfortunately, Rose found the first mud puddle she could and was black within 5 minutes of her grooming session.  Rose knows how to make me laugh, she surprises me all the time.
Until next time.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Open House time already!

 We are having our open house this weekend July 6-8th!
It is hard to believe it is already time for our open house.  The puppies have been growing so fast.

This is Princess Skipper.  Skipper is a little adventurer, she loves to explore and see new things.

This is Princess Barbie. Princess Barbie is super cute!  Barbie also loves to see new things but she likes Skipper to make sure it is safe first.  Barbie is our little super model she loves to be the center of attention.

Esme loves to play with the puppies.  Barbie is saying, "Hi! Wanna play?"
Daddy Saul is giving Skipper a kiss.  

I took several pictures of the puppies first trip outside.As of today we still have 1 little girl looking for her forever family.  If you are interested in one of our princesses please send me an email.
It is going to be super hot this week, but we are planning on having the puppies go outside for short periods of time to get used to having different textures under their little pink toes. 
I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe 4th of July weekend!

PS. For those of you who have dogs!  A couple of quick cool tips.  When it gets really hot outside even our pets can become over heated quickly.  Some wonderful tips are

Add Ice Cubes to their water dishes.

If you want you can make ice cubes with yogurt, broth or canned wet dog food and give them to you pooch as chew treats.  Some stores even have dog bone ice cube trays.  If using canned wet dog food you can make shapes on a cookie sheet lined with parchment or wax paper and make your own designer treats. But trust me you dog will not care what shape their treats come in they will love you no matter what.

Some dogs love having a pool available, other dogs just like to get their feet wet  and would prefer just 2-3 inches of water in the pool.

Ok, one last tip.  Get a bath towel wet, wring it out and fold it then put it in a freezer bag.  Freeze the towel, then take it out of the bag and offer the frozen towel for you 4 legged friend to sit on.

1 warning
PLEASE, do not leave you dog in the car in the summer heat.  A car can quickly heat up leaving your precious little one in danger.
Have a happy 4th!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Our Princesses at 3 weeks old.

 This is our little princess Barbie.  Barbie is a laid back little girl, who loves to cuddle.

 This is our little princess Skipper.  Skipper is our little adventurer, she love to explore.
We have had a super busy summer so far, but I did upload pictures to our picasa site.

Our little girls are really starting to crawl and check out the world around them.  It is a lot of fun to share in their new adventures.  As of this post we still have 1 little princess avalible, if you are interested in one of our little princesses please send me an email and I will be happy to chat with you.
Until next time,
PS our open house weekend will be July 6-8th!

Bichon Play Date

Hi everybody! Alex just sent me an invitation to a Bichon playdate in Des Moines on Saturday June 30th, from 1:30-4.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Fawkes's Little Girls are 1 week old!

Fawkes little ones on their birthday! May 30th.
I am terribly sorry I have not posted sooner.  Fawkes was due to deliver her little ones on May 28th, and Fawkes usually has her little ones a day or two early so I was on pins and needles for several days.  I did all the normal things that you should do when your darling daughter is expecting puppies, I took her temperature several times a day, offered her her favorite food and some water.  But when Wednesday came and I was just so worried that  I scheduled a trip to the vet for an ultra sound, just to make sure everything was ok.  The ultra sound was good and the puppies were doing ok, but as they were several days over due we decided to do a c-section.
The c-section was started at 5 pm and by 6 pm we were on our way home.  The puppies were so hungry they started nursing even before momma woke up from the anesthesia.    Momma finally fully woke up around 10pm, I set up a bed for Fawkes and the little ones right next to mine so that I could check on them every half hour or so.
I was really worried and did not post at first because Fawkes is normally such an attentive mommy and she was still out of sorts.  She has never had such a small litter, it was most definitely time for her to enjoy having a small litter, but I think she was wondering where all the puppies were.
 I am happy to say that Fawkes has settled in and is very proud to be the mommy of not only one but two future super models.

 This is our little Barbie.  I nicknamed her Barbie because she was a little bit lanky when she was born and the first thing that popped into my head was Barbie.  Barbie also has a slightly longer more rounded nose.

This is Skipper.  Skipper was the bigger puppy on her birthday, a bit rounder.  Skipper also has a shorter more square nose.

I have posted more pictures on our photo sharing site if you would like to see more of  Barbie and Skipper the link is

I am currently notifying the families on our waiting list about the availability of puppies, however I believe they are both spoken for.   If you would like to get on our 2013 waiting list please send me an email and I will be happy to add you to our list of future Bichon Parents.

I would also like to congradulate Periwinkle (Peri) on his recent litter of 5 little ones.  I know you will be a super daddy.   Fawkes and Saul  were so excited to find out they are Grandparents!  Hugs to you and yours from Iowa!
Until next week. Ta Ta for now.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Strawberry Goes Home!

Our princess Strawberry found her forever family today!
Strawberry is on her first new adventure with her new family.

I will update with new pictures when the next little one goes home.
Ta for now,

Going Home

It is hard to believe the puppies are already 8 weeks old. The time passes so quickly.
Our little ones have grown up and are starting to head home!
This is Strawberry cuddling with Sam while she waits to be groomed.
Strawberry is still waiting for her forever family to find her.

Dragon was the first puppy to head home. He is doing well and enjoying his new family.

Boo headed home on Wendsday.
Boo is looking forward to lots of new adventures with his new family.

This week I took pictures on the trampoline because I wanted to expose the puppies to another new texture under their feet and see how they reacted to the new stimulus. Each puppy acted a little bit different but they all did a great job. Strawberry just cried while looking at the ground, so I gave in and put her on the grass. I was very pleased because she went potty right away. Then I put her back on the trampoline and she was as happy as a clam.
Last night we took the puppies to the park and I will post those pictures later in the week as the puppies go home.
I know it will be quiet next week, but we are looking forward to Fawke's puppies which will be born Memorial weekend.
If you are interested in our little puppies please send us and email at
Thanks for following our blog. Until next time.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

April 1st pictures

We have been enjoying the great weather and spending lots of time outside, playing in the grass and smelling the flowers!

Our little Strawberry is still looking for her forever family, but she knows that they will find her.

I wanted to do fun pictures this week, mostly because of April Fools day. It was very hard to pick just 1 picture of each puppy being cute, or silly
so please visit this weeks photo album to see more fun shots.

Strawberry had fun tasting the strawberry plants.
Boo says no I will not play with guns, even if they are just toys.

Jack does a Mr. T impersonation in the tub.

Jack lips his chops!

Lilly charmes everyone!

Molly gives the piggy kisses!

Dragon asks for cuddles!

The puppies are so much fun, and we are soo thankful that the weather has been unseasonably warm. But it has been hard to come inside and work on the computer, when it is so nice outside.
With that said, I think the puppies and I might just go back outside. Who knows it might rain tomorrow.

Sunday, April 1, 2012


I just wanted to get a quick shot of Strawberry in the strawberries up quick.
Strawberry is the only puppy still looking for her forever family.
I will post again tonight as soon as I am done editing all the fun shots of the puppies.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Winnie's Little ones are almost 6 weeks old!

My how fast the time goes by. It seems just yesterday the puppies were born.
Now they are really starting to shine and show us who they want to be.
We still have 3 little ones looking for their forever families. They are Boo, Dragon and Strawberry.

This is our Boo. Boo is a quiet prince, but he is full of personality.
Boo loves the camera, he always seems to strike a pose.
Dragon is a world explorer.
Dragon is very much like his name, he loves to explore new things and is always the first to try something new. This litter of puppies is very quiet but if someone is talking it tends to be Dragon first. Mostly when he wants attention ;-)

Strawberry seems to be the delicate flower of the group. She is more reserved and takes a bit more time to try new things.

Raz has picked out his new family and is happy to tell everyone he was first! Raz is super happy to let everyone know his name is Jack Frost!

Plum is also super happy to announce her new name is Molly!
Molly woke up as soon as her new family left and watched as they drove away. It was super cute because all of her siblings stayed asleep. I assured Molly that her family would be back soon to take her home.
Peaches also picked out her forever family this weekend. They are thinking about naming her Sophie or Lily. Peaches reminds me of Opal who also became a Lilly.

I took lots of pictures of the puppies at the park, but I was able to weed them down quite a bit. I think one of our little ones might have washed the lens for me and so most of the pictures look a little hazy.

I also thought I should let every one know we always have 2 or 3 adults at the park to supervise the puppies playing and make sure that they are always kept safe. It is very important to make sure that they do not eat anything they find on the ground, like cigarette butts. It is also important to make sure they are safe and do not fall from any equipment.
This week the puppies are going to be playing with leashes and taking trips outside with momma to use the lawn.
Please feel free to send me an email with any questions that you might have. Our puppies email address is

Friday, March 16, 2012

Open House!!

Our little ones are getting ready for our open house weekend March 23-25!

Our little boys just couldn't sit still when they heard guests are coming!
The princesses just had to strike a pose when they heard the news.
I looked to the weather forecast. A perfect 72 for Saturday!

This is Boo. He loves to have his picture taken.

This is princess Plum. It took her a while to warm up to the camera this week.

Princess Peaches has beige ears right now.
I guess she is living up to her name.
Our Raz is always super cute.

Princess Strawberry is ready for summer fun.
Dragon is the prince of cuddles.
We took pictures on Thursday this week because I knew we were going to have a super busy weekend. We are so thankful for the super fabulous weather! The puppies have been going outside a couple of times everyday. Soon they will be following momma outside instead of being carried out :-)
Lots More Pictures!

If you are interested in our little puppies please send me an email at

As of today we still have 2 little boys and 1 little girl available.
I did take a few short videos, hopefully I will figure out how to edit and post them this week.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Winnie's Puppies are growing so fast!

Winnie's little ones are growing up so fast.
Our little princes are adorable.
This is Raz. Raz was very laid back today.

Dragon was telling me all about his day.
Boo is just too cute!

And our 3 little princesses!

Our ever so sweet Peaches!

Our little charmer Plum.

And Strawberry is ever so cute.

And we mustn't forget Momma Winnie. Momma is very excited that the puppies will start munching on some solid foods this week. Winnie is even more excited because the puppies will mostly just make a mess and she will get to clean up the puppies AND the left overs.
The puppies tried on their new collars today, but they were still a little bit big, so after the photo shoot we put them away until next week.
Pictures from this week!!!

We still have 1 princess and 2 princes looking for their forever homes. If you are interested send me an email at

I am also happy to share that King Louie had a fantastic vet check up and is looking forward to going to his new home in a few weeks.