Saturday, June 26, 2010

Open House Weekend!

Open house weekend has finally arrived!
We have been having a lot of fun this weekend playing the families that have reserved puppies from this litter.

Jasper is still looking for his forever home.
Jasper is a fun loving puppy that loves to explore, when he finally tires out he loves napping by my feet.

All of our female puppies from this litter have been reserved, but they are waiting to meet Amanda before we know where they will live.
This is Princess Opal. Princess Opal is a very out going puppy who loves to explore. Princess Opal also likes to take her naps in Dad and Esme's beds.

Princess Diamond is a one of a kind work of art.
Princess Diamond likes to take her time and smell the roses, well actually she is very curious about everything.

Prince Topaz picked out his forever family this weekend and is very excited to meet his new playmates.

Princess Ruby found her forever family this weekend and is now.....
Princess Moka!
Moka is soo excited to have 2 big sisters to play with.

Prince Beau is the life of the party. He is always ready to play with his siblings. Then he wants to cuddle. Prince Beau has charmed all the ladies that have come to visit.

Esme has been busy playing house with all the puppies. She makes sure they are clean and don't wrestle too hard. She reminds me of all the adults that used to tell me to settle down.
Esme's new hair cut is very short because she has taken to swimming with the Ducks and now needs LOTS of baths. If I ever stop laughing long enough I might have to scold her.
I managed to bring the photo count from over 300 pictures to just 212. Please feel free to look at all the fun pictures of the puppies.

This is a very busy week for the puppies. Tonight they will start sleeping separate from mom, Rose will still be in Eye Shot. Momma Rose is looking forward to a full nights rest!
The puppies will also start playing with leashes tomorrow. They will play Tug of War, and make May Poles of anything that gets in thier way for a while. As a reward for learning about leashes we will make a trip to the park later in the week.
Wednesday they will meet Bea at their first vet visit. We love going to the vet because Bea always spoils the puppies. And after the vet we can go on car rides, and the park.

Fawkes is do to deliver her Puppies on July 2nd, so we are giving her extra love and attention. She is as big as a house, well maybe not that big but she does have the pregnancy waddle.

Looks like we will have a busy week ahead of us.
Please feel free to send me an email with any questions that you might have, my email address is

Ta for now,

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Spa Day!

This week the puppies started to become more active and very hungry. So the puppies moved into a larger play pen and had their first helping of puppy gruel. Very Tasty!

After playing in the puppy gruel for a while the puppies needed to have a bath. So we had a spa day! Each puppy had a foot massage, manicure(mom was very thankful), a bath, a cuddle with video games and then brush and blow dry. This week the puppies also received their first collars and there microchip identification.

The Beautiful Princesses!
All of the pictures were taken on a piece of grass carpet as the puppies are still too young to be exposed to all the germs outside.

This is Princess Diamond.
She has beautiful Beige markings. As her coat grows out they will fade some, but they may still be noticible as an adult. Diamond is most defiantly one of a kind.

This is Princess Opal.
Opal is a beautiful little girl and she knows it too. She did not like having a bath today, but she didn't whine or cry, she growled. The cutest little growl, it sounds a lot like purring, too cute!

Here we have Princess Ruby.
Ruby is the smallest of the girls. Ruby is a quiet little tyke,
most of the time.

And here we have our Rowdy Princes!
They are really well behaved, most of the time anyway.
But Rowdy sounds soo much more masculine ;)

This is Prince Topaz.
Topaz is the most squirmy this week. He was very quiet during his bath but he kept trying to wiggle his way out of my hands.
Topaz also wanted to taste everything. He might be a great kisser as an adult, we will have to wait and see.

Here is Jasper.
Jasper was the most laid back puppy this week. He was very well behaved and curious about all the new things he experienced.

And our Prince Beau, he may be the smallest in size but he makes up for it in bravery. Beau was very well behaved in the bath, but he thought the blow dryer was a dragon and barked and growled until the mean dragon stopped blowing hot breath on him.

This week the puppies will be eating mostly gruel but will have kibble and a small dish of water avalible at all times. The puppies don't have any teeth yet, but they enjoy mouthing kibble and making a mess. Later in the week we will be moving the puppies into a larger play pen with a potty patch.
We started using the Potty Patch last year and I just love it. The puppies love going to the bathroom on the fake grass and it is soo much cleaner than anything else we have tried.

I will NEVER EVER subject my puppies to living on wire. I believe having puppies or dogs on wire is inhumane and cruel.

personal thoughts aside, I uploaded 135 pictures of the puppies to our online photo album.
I also added a album of adult Bichon Pictures this album has pictures of our adults at different ages,with different hair cuts and pictures of them when they are not groomed. I also added a few pictures of other dogs that have helped shape our lives and descriptions of them as well.

We still have 1 Princess and 2 Princes looking for homes, if you are interested in adding a Bichon to your family please send me an email.

Ta For Now,

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Rose's Little Gems are 2 weeks old!

Rose's little ones are growing very quickly. This week they started barking and growling. They have the cutest little growls that sound a lot like a cat purring. They are still very little and spend most of their days sleeping and eating.

This week our little gems received their nicknames.
This is Diamond.

Here we have Opal.

The smallest of the girls is Ruby.
And our little boys are.....



This little one was nicknamed Onyx because he has the darkest markings so far.
Onyx has already been picked out by his forever family!
His new forever name is Beau!
Beau is looking forward to lots of fun with his new family.

I again took lots of pictures of our precious gems please feel free to check them out in our
Picasa Photo Album

I uploaded a few pictures of some of Rose's past puppies too!

Rose went to the vet this week to have her stitches removed. Dr Winters said that she was looking great, and he loved her new summer hair cut.
Then Bea gave Rose a pig ear treat for the ride home. YUM!

This week the puppies will start crawling around a little bit and on Saturday they will get their first collars!
We currently have 3 puppies still looking for their forever families please feel free to email any questions you might have.
My email address is

Have a great week!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Rose's Little Gems Are 1 week old!

Rose's little gems are just over a week old and are doing great! We had to modify their bed because they had started going on short trips to find mom while mom was outside.

This week the puppies eyes should start to open and they will start hearing things as well.

Here are are our three little prince charmings!

And our 3 little princesses.
We are planning on nicknaming this litter of puppies after gemstones. However it is very hard to tell them apart at this age, and they are still to young for collars. But in a week or so we will be able to have each puppy photographed by themselves with a nickname.
Our list of nicknames still a bit long so we will spend the week narrowing it down a bit.
I took Several pictures of the puppies this week, please check them out on our
Picasa Photo Album.
Maybe I will even add the nickname list.

This is our little Esme. Esme is now a big girl of almost 8 months.
She really wanted to have her picture taken too.
Esme loves to sit and help me with the blog every week. She isn't very talkative unless she sees something she doesn't approve of.

Every May we attend the Renaissance Faire in Amanna Iowa.
This year Saul and Esme came with.
Saul had a blast and was even Knighted by the Forking Queen!
Saul and Esme loved seeing all the costumes and other pampered pooches.

Esme signed up to be a pirate and then decided that being a princess was more fun.
Adam helped Esme pose for pictures and then was rewarded with lots of sloppy kisses.
I also took lots of pictures at the Faire and they are also posted on our
Picasa Photo Album.

4 of Rose's Little Gems are still looking for their forever homes. If you are interested in Rose's puppies or have any general Bichon questions please email me at

Ta For Now,