Sunday, August 2, 2015

Spyder's Royal Crew is 4 weeks old!

 We have had a very busy spa weekend.  All of out puppies had a full spa treatment and photo shoot, we also had lots of playtime outside.
Princess enjoys spending time exploring and checking out all the new things around her.

Duchess loves to cuddle.

 Countess is the smallest of Spyder's Little girls.

 All three royal girls hanging out in a homemade raised pet bed.  
All of our Bichons love this bed, and the other raised pet beds that we have.
 Knight is just too cute!
 I love that his nose has not filled in all the way just yet, it will,
 but I am going to enjoy the pink spots while I can.
 Prince is another adorable little guy, he loves to cuddle as well.

 Duke is the smallest puppy of the litter.
I think he will be a very small adult Bichon.
 Count has again won the award for photo hound of the litter.
He is just too cute!
He also likes to play hide and seek.
Yesterday, I had brought all the puppies in but couldn't find Count.  I called, and looked everywhere.  I started picking up the toys and blankets, and found Count fast asleep under a blanket.
We had a nice cuddle after I stopped laughing.

 Spyder's Royal Boys.
 Just as we were finishing up our photo shoot we spied this in the sky and I thought it might be a good time to mention,
 Bichon puppies should never be left alone outside.  
Aside from eagles and hawks, they can also be in danger from coyotes, fox and other creatures that pray on small mammals.
We were lucky, it was a turkey vulture.  
We also have playpens with covers to help keep the puppies safe when outdoors and we are cleaning up their indoor playpens.

 Play time indoors after our photo shoot!
All of the boys in Spyder's litter are still searching for their forever families and we have one little girl available.  Spyder's Royal crew will be having there open house the weekend of August 14th, just a Dori's puppies start to go home.

If you are interested in on of our little Bichon Puppies please send me an email at

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