Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Dori is a Proud New Momma!

We have been waiting for Dori and Rampage's litter which was due June 24th but...
 At 2 am the morning of Saturday June 20th, I heard a noise coming from the living room.  And even though the I was not prepared Dori had decided it was time for the puppies to arrive.  This is a picture of a little boy being born.

 Here is the little man after a little drying off.

 Here is Dori taking a rest in between puppies being born.

 A Proud and rested Momma.  
The first puppy was born just after 2 am and and the sixth puppy was born just after 5 am.

Our 5 little princes. 
And 1 lone princess.

All the puppies are doing fantastic, growing like weeds.  Dori is doing great, keeping all the puppies well fed and enjoying all the special treats that come with being a new momma.

As I write this blog we still have 3 little boys available.  If you are interested in one of our little guys please send me an email at

Spyder is very interested in the new puppies as she is expecting pups on July 3rd, and Grandma Winnie is also very interested in her grandpuppies as she is expecting puppies on July 16th.
We are looking forward to a very busy summer playing with puppies.

Have a wonderful and safe week.