Sunday, December 22, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Our little boys at 5 weeks old.
 It is almost Christmas.  With all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season it is nice to have little ones at home to remind me to take a minute and cuddle.
Our little girls at 5 weeks old.
 This week the girls did not want to sit still for a group shot, because I promised them a tea party.
Tea Party!

Quick Snack
We will be having our puppy open house this coming weekend starting on Thursday December 26th and running through Sunday December 29th.  We still have a little prince looking for his forever family.  I will post which puppies have homes and what their forever names are as soon as I know.

We hope everyone has a safe Christmas!
Loretta and Pups

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Winnie's Rock and Rollers are 4 weeks old

The puppies are doing wonderfully and growing so quickly.  This week the puppies have invaded the living room, and are enjoying exploring the world around them.  Auntie Esme and Spyder have been enjoying giving them lots of kisses and trying to keep them out of too much trouble, or maybe they are helping them get into trouble,  I will have to watch and see.
Our Little Princes

I am very happy to share that the puppies started using the potty park this past week.  It is amazing to watch a puppy that is just learning to walk, make a trip over to the potty park and go to the bathroom.  Momma and I are Super Proud, and it makes our life easier as the puppies stay cleaner. I was able to get a video, I just have to edit and upload it.
Our Princesses.

The puppies have switched from puppy gruel to puppy food soaked in water, however their teeth are coming in and they LOVE to chew on dry food as well.  Right now we are feeding a 50/50 blend of Purina ProPlan Selects Chicken and Rice all life stages and Taste of the Wild High Prairie puppy food.  Both foods are no grain, and perfect for puppies little tummies.
Yummy Dinner!

Well I better be off.  Today the puppies are getting more room in their playpen, so I can add some toys ;-) Next week we will have a tea party and get all dressed up.
We do have 3 little boys still avaible as of this pot on Sunday Dec 15, 2013.  They will be ready to go home on January 10th 2014. 

If you are interesed in our little pups please send me an email at
Have a wonderful Week,

Monday, December 9, 2013

Winnie's Rock And Rollers are 3 weeks old!

First Dinner of Gruel, and the puppies were all Kisses.

 I have to admit it is hard to come up with themed nick names for each litter of puppies.  This litter really had me stumped.  It is Super easy to come up with cute little girl names, but little boys are a little more difficult.  These little boys got me started.  I just couldn't shake calling my little boy with the dark markings the man in black, and then when I was giving the puppies their bath I got stuck on Blue Suede shoes.  I finally found a plethora of little boy names.  But I wanted to narrow our theme, and then I got stuck for little girls.

 I am happy to introduce Winnie's  Rock and Rollers!
 John Denver, we will call him Denver.
 Our Man in Black. Johnny Cash, or Cash for short.
 Elvis, lets hope he doesn't have a hankering to chew on Blue Shoes.
 And Little Sonny, the smallest of the litter.
 Our Little Rockers!

 Please give a round of applause to our Cher.
Momma Cass, or Cass for short.
 And our Little Blondie!
Our Little Rollers!

This week was filled with firsts for the puppies, we had baths, started eating solid foods, moved out of the birthing box and into the playpen, and received Micro-chips.  The puppies are full of energy and excited to see what is behind the couch.  Momma Winnie and I are tired, but enjoying each new experiance the puppies share with us.  The puppies are really starting to shake, rattle and roll (starting to explore the world around them), it won't be long and we will be chasing the puppies around the living room and playing hide and seek.
I took over 200 pictures this week, but was able to weed it down to 140.
I have also created a facebook page for,
So that our past, present and future puppy owners can see pictures of our puppies, adult dogs and post pictures of their puppies.

We still have 3 little boys looking for their forever families, if you are interested in one of our Rock and Rollers, please send me an email at

Have a wonderful week!