Monday, July 13, 2015

Winnie's Pups Have arrived!

  On Sunday afternoon Winnie's Puppies arrived.  This is Winnie's retirement litter.  Hopefully we can come up with some super cute names for them.
So we are very busy playing with puppies every free moment of the day.  I thought it would be fun to show the size difference a few weeks make.
These 2 pictures show how fast the puppies really grow. 
From left to right.
Winnie's Pup born 7-12, Spyder's pup born 7-3 and Dori's Pup born 6-20

 Winnie is a very proud momma!
Even though she has her own puppies if one of her grand puppies (Dori's Litter) starts to cry, she wants to go over and take care of them as well.  It is very cute to see Mom and Daughter raise puppies together.
 Winnie has 2 perfect little sons.
And 3 precious little daughters.
Both Momma and pups are doing well, I think the second half of the summer is going to fly by. Winnie's puppies will be ready to go home Labor Day weekend.
As of this positing all of Winnie's puppies are available.  If you are interested in a bichon puppy please send me an email at
I took lots of pictures of all 3 litters of puppies today.  I will be editing and posting the pictures over the next few days.  Dori's puppies had baths today and got new collars and nicknames.We are going with a minion theme for Dori's litter.
Winnie will retire as soon as her puppies go home and she is looking forward to going home to the great state of Minnesota and her Momma Shanna.

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