Monday, July 20, 2015

Dori's Pups go exploring outside!

 The puppies are growing up so fast.  Here is a pictures of one of our little boys from each litter.
From Right to left.
Winnie's pup at 1 week , Spyder's Pup at 2 weeks and Dori's pup at 4 weeks.

 Minion Dave, is still just a little wet after his bath.

 Minion Bob, loves to give kisses!

 Minion Carl is just too cute.
 Minion Keven leads the charge.
 Minion Stuart, is our explorer.  He goes the furthest and then cries for momma to show him the way home.
 And our little diva, Scarlet.  She likes to follow Keven out into the world.
Cuddle time in the yard.
It didn't last long, they all managed to find me hiding behind the camera.  And I was covered in puppy kisses.
At the moment we have 4 little boys avalible from Dori's litter of puppies.
We are planning an open house for Dori's puppies the weekend of August 1st.  If you would like to come and meet our puppies please send me an email at
We also have pups  available from Spyder and Winnie's litters.
I am currently thinking we will combine Spyder and Winnie's open house the weekend of August 14th, Dori's puppies will also be going home that weekend.

This spring I took a new position at work as a result we are seriously considering no longer breeding our beloved Bichons.  Our current plan is to keep 1 breeding female intact and letting the others retire.  But we have thus far been unable to agree as to which female we will not spay.  We do not plan on future litters, but still want to keep an option open.
If you are interesed in one of our little darlings please send me an email.
Thank you for reading our blog.

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