Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Spa Day for Dori's Minions!

 A Quick nap before spa day begins.
At our house spa day begins with each puppies getting a bath, cuddle, blow dry and pedicure.
We then follow up with a quick photo shoot and then the puppies go back to momma.
Momma is very happy to have clipped nails and fresh smelling little ones.
After their first bath they are rewarded with a brand new collar and nick name.

 This is Minion Carl with his new born Uncle. It is amazing how fast our little minions grow.

 At our house puppies rule.  The humans think they rule the roost, but they are misinformed.
This is minion Carl.

 Colored collars help the humans identify puppies from a distance, momma can tell by smell.
Our Green collared minion is Stuart.

 I put colored borders on the pictures in our albums to help identify puppies from pictures.
Minion Dave has a black collar and a black border on his pictures.

 Minion Bob, is just too cute.

 RC Cola is my moms favorite soda pop. 
Minion Keven says he prefers good old fashioned kibble.

This little girl rules the litter.  So we nicknamed her Scarlet.
Momma's little princess.
A Short Video of he puppies eating puppy mush.
Dori's puppies have already started munching on hard kibble, but puppy mush is much easier for them to digest.  And they really enjoy making a big mess, then having momma Dori give them a bath and clean them up.
Every day my Bichons make me laugh!  Each of our Bichons are unique individuals.
Momma Dori is a young pup who loves to play and cuddle, Daddy Rampage is full of spunk and wants to show off.
If you are interested on one of our little ones, please feel free to send me an email at
Have a wonderful evening. 

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