Thursday, July 2, 2015

Dori's pups are growing so fast.

A short little clip of Dori Nursing her babies!
We did a very quick photo shoot tonight.  Rampage would rather play than pose for the camera so we kept it short.
 Our little princess, has found her forever home.  But can't wait to find another little girl to play with.
 Dori has 5 little princes.  4 of our little guys are still waiting to find their forever homes.
This week they are working on opening their eyes!
 As the puppies eyes start to open so do their little ears, so a good portion of them will get to hear the fireworks on Saturday!
 This litter of puppies is VERY active.  I bet by next week they are out and about exploring the living room.
 Did I mention that these little guys are always hungry.  We took these pictures 15 minutes after snack time, and all of them were already asking for another snack.
Our little gems are so very excited to see the world around them and get a jump start on trying everything new.  They are also just adorable and super fun to cuddle with.
I hope to continue to add more videos each week, so that we can share the fun watching the puppies learn about the world around them.
More Picutes of the puppies can be found on our Picasa Photo album
If you are interested in on of our little boys please feel free to email me at

I would be amis if I did not mention that Spyder is Due to have a litter of puppies today!  We have been watching and waiting, but she has her own time table.  We will let you know as soon as they arrive.

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