Monday, March 22, 2010

Puppies at the Park!

Thursday was in the 60s so we just had to go to the park!

We picked up our best buddy Wendy and went to the park just south of highway 30.
This is the puppies impression of Charlies Angels. Buddy, Abby and Libby had lots of fun on the play ground.

It is really hard to get everybody looking at the camera at the same time. Benjamin has the blue leash, Libby is the purple leash, Buddy has the green leash, Peter has the black leash and Abby has the flower power leash.

Benjamin Loves to give kisses, Libby isn't sure she likes it.

While Libby and Buddy wrestle Peter makes a clean get away with the "Golden Leaf."

After lots of play, everybody settles down for a nap. Kyree always naps in the sun and doesn't mind sharing her napping spot.

Sam and I managed to come down with a cold and have not been feeling very well, but the puppies keep us going out for fresh air every few hours. They are soo much fun to watch as they explore their surroundings and smell new smells. It is hard to be sick when the puppies make us laugh so hard. Benjamin loves to sneak attack his siblings and manages to jump quite high. Libby and Buddy seem to be our thinkers and mediators, except when they are in the middle of the world class wrestling match. Abby and Peter are the super models, they are always the first in line for attention and photographs. All the puppies love to explore and find new things to taste, Esme was very kind this week and found a ball of yarn to share with her new friends.
Friday all the puppies will start going home with their new families, they are all looking forward to smelling new smells and spending more time with their new families.
This week we took over 250 pictures at the park, but I managed to cut it down to just 157 pictures. See how much fun the puppies had at the park by visiting out Picasa Photo Album.

Rose and Saul have decided that they are going to have a litter of puppies in May, Rose's puppies will be ready to go home in July. If you are looking for a puppy send us an email.

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