Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Quiet April

All of Minnies Puppies went home the end of March, but I just wanted to share the pictures that we took the day they went home. We have washed and put away all the toys and blankets, for a few weeks. Rose is Due to deliver her litter of Puppies May 21st.

This is Buddy at 8 weeks old. He is just too cute in this picture.

This is Brinkley, formerly known as Peter.

Here is Frodo, the puppy formerly known as Benjamin.

Our little princess Abby, what a super model.

And Our thinker Libby.
All the puppies had fun with the Roses and then we were off to meet with their forever families. It was the first litter we had that all of the puppies went home over 24 hours. It was a bit of a shock for both us and Mom. We kept mom very busy going for car rides and walks for the first week. Most mothers miss their puppies for the first few days after they go home, Minnie carries around toys and makes a nest of toy puppies for several days after her puppies go home.
Minnie is now back to her everyday self, making us laugh with all her attention getting tricks. Minnie is scheduled to be spayed April 21st, Minnie is looking forward to a nice long retirement with lots of occasional baby sitting.
I did manage to take lots more pictures if you would like to see them.

We are very excited to have a lull before we Rose has her puppies, hopefully we can get the garden in.
Ta For Now,


captiva74 said...

I am interested in meeting the parents and possibly putting a deposit down for the May litter.

We just lost our 15 year old Bichon and need to fill the huge vortex hole he left in our lives.

Thank you!

Loretta Eue said...

Please feel free to email me directly at

Rose has the pregnancy waddle and we are watching her very closely for the next few days.

Thanks, Loretta