Sunday, March 7, 2010

Minnies little ones are 5 weeks old.

All tuckered out! We have had a very busy weekend, meeting lots of fun new friends, smelling lots of fun new smells and, our personal favorite, tasting lots of new shoe laces!

Here are our two favorite girls, checking out the artificial grass that just arrived in the mail.

The boys decided that they would rather have real grass but that the fake stuff would work for now.

This handsome little guy is Cottontail. Cottontail is still looking for his family, he is very patient and understands that they will find him soon. Cottontail loves to explore and play tag, then snuggle down for a good nap.

This pretty little princess is Flopsy, she is not quite as patient as her brother, but momma Minnie told her that her family will find her soon. Flopsy is a great little princess who loves attention and playing chase. She loves to nap on a big fluffy pillow and will share, with the right company.

Drum Roll Please!

This curious little guy is Peter. Peter met his new Mommy and Grandparents this weekend, he is very excited to be a future Minnesotan. All the parks and trails to explore!

Benjamin is looking forward to meeting his forever family on Wednesday. Benjamin was very excited to hear that he will have lots of fun with a Big Brother and Big Sister to play with.

Abby was very excited to meet her new family today. And a real name too! Mopsy was ok for a short term nick name, but a princess needs a pretty name.

Momma Minnie and Daddy Saul just wanted to say,
"Thanks For Coming to Visit! Sorry about the puddles."

I took way to many pictures again this week. Lots of mom and dad too!

We finally have some warmer weather and the snow is starting to melt, making a huge puddle of the side walk. As soon as the puddle goes away we will start letting the puppies outside to potty with mom, for a few minutes at a time. Until then, the puppies will have potty time in the green house with mom several times a day, and play time in the living room. This week the puppies are going to start both leash training and kennel training. Leash training starts by just putting a leash on the puppies and letting them play. The puppies will play tug of war, get caught on furniture and have Kyree (Sam's Kitten) take off in another direction with their leash. This week Kennel training will start with the boys sleeping in one kennel and the girls sleeping in the other, momma Minnie will sleep in her kennel right next to the puppies so they can both see and smell her.
Please feel free to email with any questions, or if you would like to come and visit with the puppies.
Ta For Now,

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