Monday, March 15, 2010

Minnies Little Ones are 6 weeks old.

I am happy to report that all of Minnie's Puppies have found their forever families, the puppies have really enjoyed meeting everyone and can't wait to go home!
This week the puppies had their first visit to see Dr. Winters and Bea. They had a full check up and their first set of shots. Everyone did very well, and was very happy to here that they would be meeting another family that evening.

The puppies love to wrestle right now, and after a good wrestling match they like to make up and take a nap. Momma Minnie is at the bottom of this napping pile. ;)

I could not belive my eyes all 5 puppies managed to climb into their favorite napping spot, I guess when you are tired your tired.

This is princess Abby. Abby is our little super model, she loves to pose for pictures. Abby loves to play and often sneak attacks the other puppies. Abby's favorite napping spot is the toy box.

This is Libby. Libby is very laid back and loves to play. Libby also has the cutest little pounce and bark move.
This is Peter. Peter loves to lick the camera, so a lot of his photos end up just a bit out of proportion. I would say he is the hero of the bunch, always exploring and checking out new monsters he might vanquish, or new friends to play with!

This is Buddy. Buddy was very excited to meet his forever family this week. Buddy loves to play tug of war. He also loved playing tag with the ducklings during the photo shoot.

Last but not least is Benjamin. Benjamin is a very resourceful little guy, he loves to play and be the center of attention. Benjamin also likes to sit in the center of the food bowl and keep all the food for himself =:)
This week I started with over 250 photos and managed to weed them down to 180 or so. All the action shots are at the end of the album after the photo shoot.

This week the puppies are each sleeping in their own Big puppy beds.
One of my best tricks to transitioning puppies home requires an old t-shirt to be destroyed. Families wear it for a day, or sleep in it and then put it into a plastic ziploc bag and mail it to us. I cut it into squares and put one square in the kennel with their puppy every night for about a week before they go home. This is a great way for the puppy to get used to the scent of their new home, and the puppies tend to be more relaxed when they go home. Of course the puppies will also go home with a blanket that smells like mom, so they don't feel all alone to soon.
The puppies will start going outside to potty with mom today, they may get a little muddy, but we have lots of baby wipes to wipe their feet. We are planning a trip to the park on Thursday, the weather man says it is going to get up to 60 degrees! Hard to belive it was soo cold just 2 weeks ago.
Have a great Week!

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