Friday, March 5, 2010

Open House Weekend!

We are all getting ready for this weekends open house(March 6 & 7th). The puppies are very excited to meet new people. Maybe even their forever families and just maybe they will get their new names!
Very Exciting!

This is our little Peter. Peter is just too cute.

This is Cottontail. Cottontail is the largest puppy and the most laid back.

Benjamin is the smallest puppy of the litter. Benjamin also has the most spunk.

Our little princesses really know how to steal the show.

This is Flopsy, she is the larger of the two girls. She has a very cute little growl that she uses when the puppies are wrestling.

This is Mopsy, she is the smaller of the girls. Mopsy also has a lot of spunk.

This week the puppies have been playing in the living room a lot and we have been puppy proofing again. It never fails that they find something that they shouldn't play with.
Minnie is looking forward to a full night sleep again, I keep telling her that Sunday we will start Crate training the puppies. The puppies will start crate training by sleeping with a buddy(3 in one and 2 in the other). After a week of that they will start sleeping by themselves.
We are all looking forward to the puppies first vet visit on March 12th. So we can start visiting Petsmart or the Park, if the weather warms up.
We always take way too many pictures.

If you would like to come and visit the puppies send me an email I can email directions. If you would like to visit with the puppies another time just let us know and we can schedule a visit.
I will update the blog again Sunday night and let everybody know who has found their forever home.

Ta for Now,

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