Thursday, November 5, 2009

Fawkes puppies are 4 weeks old and clean!

It sure is amazing how much the puppies change each week. The puppies are starting to voice all their concerns about food and making sure mom knows when they want attention.

Yesterday the puppies had their first spa day. Each puppy had a foot massage, pedicure, and of course a bath and blow dry. The puppies also were introduced to brushes and combs, their hair really isn't long enough yet so we just practiced.

This is our Holly, she is still the biggest puppy. Holly decided on a purple collar.

Frosty decided on a pink collar with white and pink spots.

Peppermint Candy went with a red and white stripped collar. She is just too sweet.

Snow Drop Decided on a light blue collar. Snow Drop reminds me of a snow ball. She has very long hair that just poofed out.

Crystal went with a purple stripped collar. Crystal looks like she may have a beige ear on her left. It is still pretty light but there is a difference.

Ivanna is just too cute. She may be the smallest puppy, but she makes up for it in gumption. She doesn't let any of her sisters push her around.

Nap time with Sam.

We were very happy to here the weather in Iowa is supposed to be warm this weekend. The puppies will be able to go outside and explore this weekend. This afternoon they will spend a half an hour or so in the green house, walking on gravel for the first time will be fun. This week the puppies will be more active than they have been in the past and will enjoy meeting the cats, rabbits and chicks. They may even start to play with the mountain of toys we have ready for them. :)
Ok, I just want to warn you I have been very camera happy, if you want to seen lots more pictures of the puppies.

We only have 3 puppies still available if you are interested in adding one of our princesses to your family please send us an email.
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