Sunday, November 15, 2009

Play Time!

I just had to share this snapshot. I found daddy and his little princesses all snuggled up in the same crate this afternoon. I thought it was just too precious to pass up.

This week the puppies had their first visit with Dr Quam and Bea. They each had a thorough check up, shots, worming and gave lots of kisses to Bea. All the puppies are healthy and very happy to hear they can now have visitors, Go on car rides and maybe a trip to the park if the weather is nice.

This is Peppermint Candy, she is the second smallest puppy. Peppermint is a bit reserved, she likes to take her time and assess new things before jumping in.

This is our Frosty. Frosty is a lot like Peppermint, she takes a little time before she jumps into the fray. Once she gets going, she loves to play.

This is Holly. Holly Loves to give Kisses to everybody. Even cats.
Holly loves to explore. You can always tell Holly apart in group shot because she loves sleeping on her back.

This is a picture of Crystal and Daddy. Crystal picked out her forever family today and is looking forward to exploring Wisconsin. All the trees to smell, all the cheeses to beg for.

This is Snow Drop. Snow Drop picked out her forever family on Saturday. Snow Drop is looking forward to chasing her new siblings all over the yard. ( This photo was changed Nov 17, I had accidentally uploaded a pic. of Crystal). Sorry everybody.

Raj is one of our Puppy Training Cats. Raj loves to play chase, but his favorite game is tug-of-war with the puppies leashes. THis is a shot of Raj and Snow Drop playing in the yard.

Ivanna is such a little doll. Ivanna is a big dog in a little body, she always makes us laugh.
Ivanna is looking forward to meeting her human siblings in a few weeks.

This is Holly checking out a chicken named Dashing(for his good looks). We have a greenhouse just off the living room for the puppies to play in when the weather outside is too cold or rainy, and in the greenhouse we have a few chickens and 2 angora rabbits. The puppies love to explore and smell all the new things we add to the greenhouse.
This week the puppies will be starting to sleep in a plastic kennel in the living room together(mom will be in a kennel right next to them). Wednesday we will divide the puppies in half and they will sleep 3 in each crate, Saturday we will have 2 puppies in each crate and by Thanksgiving each puppy will be sleeping in their own room (plastic kennel). I think I may need to sew more blankets :)
We do still have 3 little girls looking for their forever families, please feel free to email with any questions any time.
I have added lots of pictures to our Picasa site.

I better go check on the girls, have a great week!
Ta for now

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