Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!
Our little girls have had a busy week. This week we went to the park and played with Dad on Sunday. We had a lot of fun and then it started to rain.
For Thanksgiving we made the 3 hour trip to Grandma's house. We had a lot of fun playing with all the relatives. The girls did napped all the way up to Grandma's but they were a little fussy on the way home( I think they were upset they didn't get any pie).

Snow Drop is a cute little explorer. Snow Drop is looking forward to going home on Saturday.

Our Holly has found her forever family and is now Sophie. Sophie is looking forward to going home in Saturday as well.

Princess LoLa is looking forward to being this years Miss Wisconsin.

Peppermint enjoyed having Thanksgiving at Grandma's house, even if she didn't get any stuffing.

Frosty enjoyed all the Cousins that came to Grandmas to play.

Ivanna always steals the show. So much puppy in such a little package.

The dog in the purple shirt is "Aunt Minnie." Every litter one of our other female Bichons will be the prime baby sitter, this litter both Rose and Minnie have enjoyed playing Aunt. In this photo you can see Ivanna trying to get Minnie to play. Ivanna tugged and tugged but Minnie just kept eating.
Of course we always take too many pictures of the puppies if you would like to see more.

This week the puppies will start going home with there forever families. The Girls are soo excited to start their new adventures at home.

All of our puppies have homes right now, we are looking forward to 3 litters of puppies in 2010. If you would like to reserve a puppy from one of our up coming litters please send us an email.
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Guess that means I don't get to meet 2 of the puppies. Oh well.