Friday, October 30, 2009

Fawke's Puppies are 3 weeks old!

Dinner with mom. This is mama Fawkes feeding her pups.

The puppies are now starting to eat puppy Gruel. Puppy gruel is made by soaking Purina Pro Plan Puppy food in Puppy milk and then blending the soaked food to make a gruel. Right now they tend to make a big mess walking through the food more then they eat it. The puppies do however enjoy licking the gruel off of each other!

This is our little Peppermint Candy.

This is Snow Drop looking for a tasty treat.

Holly is still the biggest puppy of the litter

This is Crystal, she is a card.

This is our cute little Frosty.

This is Ivanna she was known as Tinkerbell.
Ivanna was very excited to hear she will be going home with a wonderful family in Massachusetts this December.
This past week the puppies have been learning to crawl around and explore their surroundings. The puppies are still a little wobbly as they crawl about, and very cute too. The puppies are messy in all of the photos because they are having the opportunity to eat gruel 3 times a day. I took all of the pictures just after they had finished eating and cleaning each other off a bit,
so that everyone could enjoy the mess.
I also wanted to apologize for being late this week, I really wanted to get some natural light for the photos, mother nature had other ideas.
Please enjoy all the pictures in our Picasa Album
The puppies are looking forward to their fist spa day next week. Probably on Tuesday or Wednesday depending on when we have sun. The puppies will have their first real bath, and get their new collars.
Please feel free to email or call with any questions.
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