Friday, November 20, 2009

Fawkes puppies are 6 weeks old!

Our Little Princesses are growing like weeks. Everyday they become a little more sure of themselves and explore further from the safety of mom. This week the puppies favorite event was the mock tea party. All the girls dressed up and we took out all the toys to play with.

This is Frosty playing with the favorite toy of the week. It is a ball with little balls inside, when the ball rolls the little balls inside jingle. I found it in the cat department and the puppies just love it.

Time for a quick snack and then back to play.

Our Holly is quite a little explorer, she will wonder off into the kitchen looking for new smells. After a while she will bark and then run back into the living room to play with all her sisters.

Frosty let me know she was so excited that it was time for pictures. Frosty is a little slow to start but once she gets going she loves to play.

This is Peppermint candy she is just too sweet. She is a little princess, full of sugar and spice.

This is Lola (formerly Crystal). Lola is a card and a half. I am afraid she will have all of Wisconsin charmed into doing her bidding by spring.

Snow Drop is such a fun puppy. Snow Drop is also an explorer, with a side of Super Model thrown in just for fun. Snow Drop is looking forward to going home with a great Mom and Dad and 2 fun canine siblings to play with.

Ivanna is our little joy. She has lots of personality packed into a little package. Ivanna is still a little to small for all the dresses so she picked out a sailor shirt for our tea party. When she was done playing dress up like a good little girl she undressed herself and left her shirt on the floor.
This week the puppies are enjoying pulling each others leashes and making knots for us to untangle. The puppies also enjoyed their first trip to Petsmart. We have had a dreary week and the puppies are looking forward to playing outside again. Maybe we will finally get to go to the park.
As of right now Peppermint and Frosty are pending payment. Holly is still looking for her forever family. If you are interested please send us an email.
I have posted over 100 pictures of the puppies this week. If we make it to the park I will add more. They are just too cute.
Have a great weekend,

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