Thursday, October 23, 2008

Ricky Ricardo is 10 weeks old!

We have had a very busy fall, and are looking forward to a quiet winter -
Well less busy, anyway.

Little Ricky is the only puppy we have left still looking for a home.
He and momma Rose love to play tag the morning -
Then I feel like an old lady when I say
"It is all fun and games until someone knocks an eye out!"

This week has been cold and rainy so we took pictures in the house.
Ricky doesn't seem to mind the cold weather as much as I do, it must be his beautiful fur coat!
Goofy waits by the door until Ricky comes out to play, then they wrestle in the leaves and Mud.

Ricky loves to travel and meet new people.
He is such a Charmer!

He loves to cuddle up after dinner and watch TV. "Keeping up Appearances" is his all time favorite.

He loves to try new treats. This week he discovered smoked pig ears.
Ricky thinks they are great! Maybe next week he will discover breath mints!
More Pictures of Ricky!

We are a funny bunch at our house, this last litter was given names from the British comedy Keeping up Appearances. Last weekend we were raking Grandma's yard and I asked has anyone seen Richard.
I start calling Richard, Richard.
My husband just stood there and looked at me with a funny smile and said,
"What, I am right here."
I replied,
"No,Richard the puppy."
So now I ask, has anyone seen Little Ricky.

More Later, Ta Ta for now.

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