Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Play Time!

This week I wanted to share a little more about the puppies upbringing. Having a lot of safe experiences while puppies are young helps them be better adjusted adults. We start by exploring outside in our yard when the puppies are around 4 weeks old(the weather has a lot to do with when we start). After the puppies have had their first set of shots we start exploring farther and farther from home. We go to the park, the pet store and we try to do at least 1 trip to Grandma's house (a 3 hour drive). This afternoon we are going to the park, I should have the pictures up tomorrow.

This is Minnie. All of our adult dogs play with the puppies. Kind of like baby sitting or having a really cool aunt. They play chase and hide and seek. They also teach the puppies when it is time to stop playing, with a bark or a growl.

This is a set of pictures with our puppy proofing cats. We have 3 or 4 cats that love puppies, but we live on a hobby farm so we also have cats that dislike puppies/dogs. Raj and Goofy are the first to come over and play. Here we are having a Scavenger Hunt. We scattered treats in the yard and everyone is looking for a quick snack. Raj and Goofy are great with the puppies and love to play. As with all good baby sitters they have fun but also teach the puppies when they have had enough in a firm but gentle way.

Click here for more pictures

In the pictures the boys have had a bath, but the Sun was starting to set so the Girls had their bath after the photo shoot. I should have pictures of the puppies at the park up sometime tomorrow. Ta Ta for now!

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