Saturday, October 25, 2008

Happy Homes

I am happy to report all of our puppies have found their forever homes.
Ricky went home to Altoona today with a very cute Crestipoo.
I had never seen a crestipoo before, I was amazed at how soft her hair was. And Soo Cute!

We are starting a waiting list for our spring/summer 2009 puppies.
If you would like to add one of our Bichon Puppies to your family let us know.

This is Rose. She is the digger of our family.
She is also the smallest Bichon in our family. Rose weighs between 7-8 pounds.

This is Minnie. Minnie is 5 years old and the queen of our family.
Minnie is our largest female Bichon she weighs between 12-14 pounds.
In this picture she is pregnant with her first litter. This is Fawkes. Fawkes is the joker of the family, she always makes me smile.
Fawkes weighs between 9-11 pounds.
Fawkes is also our underdog, she had 9 puppies in her first litter.
Most Bichons have 4-5 puppies in a litter.
This is Saul. Saul is a GREAT Dad, he loves to play with all of his little ones.

More soon, I love taking pictures of the family.
Ta ta for now.

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