Wednesday, October 15, 2008

New Names

We have had a very busy week!
The puppies have been working on house training, and enjoy going to the park at least once a week. Of course, going to the pet store is their favorite as they get to pick out treats.

I have changed Hyacinth's name to Lucy. She has grown and developed a personality of her own, and Lucy suits her better. When Lucy wants to sit on my lap she bounces up and down until I pick her up. When she is really excited outside, she bounces like a ball. So Lucy Ball fits her just right. I have also made new folders of the puppies, so each puppy has their own album of pictures. Her album is: Lucy Ball

I have changed Richard to Ricky - Not a big change. Ricky is a great little guy who will face whatever life throws his way. He loves to explore, so if you like to travel or just go for long walks in the park, Ricky is your guy. Here are pictures of Ricky Ricardo.

Ricky and Lucy love to take naps together.

Bj, the puppy Formerly known as WILLIE, was returned to us October 8th because he had too much energy for the elderly people that adopted him. He is potty trained and enjoys sitting on my lap while I watch TV in the evening. BJ loves car rides and walks in the park. BJ also likes to be called Buddy. Pictures of BJ

Please feel free to contact me with any questions! If you would like to see more pictures of the puppies with their litter mates, click

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