Saturday, December 3, 2016

Nova's puppies get their microchips, and all are sold!

Yesterday was the day that the puppies got their microchips and their first puppy mush!
In addition, The last puppy has been spoken for. We're not sure if there will be another litter, but we can take your name for a waiting list and if enough folks are interested we might be convinced to have another litter next year sometime.
We changed our microchip provider this time, as we found a service which has much smaller chips, and we can pay their registration ahead of time, so all their new parents will have to do is set them up with their address and phone number. 
We also got a microchip for the one of my ferrets that didn't already have one, both because he needed one and because it would let us test out the service. 

The paperwork that comes in the packet - after Nokk got his chip we put the sticker with his number on this ID card and put his name on the card, then we registered online. The registration is lifetime, and comes with a small video library on basic dog training. You can also register by phone if you prefer that too. 

After the puppies had recovered a little from their microchip ordeal, We dragged them back out for a quick set of pictures. They were quite tired and grumpy, but still alert enough to show off their fresh, bright eyes  

Pidgey, smallest boy

Horsea, second smallest boy

Ghastly, Middle-sized boy

Ditto, Second largest boy

Raichu, Largest boy

Eevee, Smallest Girl

Jynx, Biggest Girl.

Now that their eyes are open, the puppies are much more active and exciting. This week our most laid-back puppy was Jynx, with Pidgey coming in a close second. They're just starting to take their first few steps, so soon they'll be exploring their little pen and making all sorts of trouble!
and of course they'll be getting their first puppy mush this week, and that will be a real mess!

The extra photos from this week can be found on our G+ album
And of course, if you have any questions, please let us know, and we'll be happy to answer them!~

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