Saturday, December 10, 2016

Nova's puppies 12/10/16 - First Bath!

The puppies have been starting to get puppy mush this past week, which means they also get to start having their weekly baths. 
The mush is just a mixture of powdered milk replacer, and the kibble that Nova is eating, also ground up into a powder. then I add water to the powders, and the puppies love it! of course, being puppies, they aren't very dainty eaters, and get the food as much on themselves as in themselves!
So yesterday was first bath day, so they could get clean again for pictures, and to get them used to baths from a young age. 
Each puppy got a hands-on soaping up and rinsing in the warm water by Loretta, then a towel-dry and a blow-dry by Kim. After they were dry and fluffied up, they got trims of their little toenails, and trims of the fur around certain particularly dirty areas. (The potty zones, and the bottoms of their pads) Then, pictures!








The puppies are getting more energetic and playful every day! Check out this month's G+ album for extra pictures, and the occasional video of playful puppies~ (The album is in chronological order so scroll down for the most recent pictures)

Open houses start this coming weekend, starting Friday, 12/16. For those of you taking these adorable blobs of fluff home in January, If you haven't let us know a day and/or time you'd like to visit, let us know, so you can meet the beautiful babies and get the address of the open house. We're open (by appointment) each weekend, Friday and Saturday, excepting the Saturday of the 17th, until all the puppies have gone home in mid-January.

With all that said, it's started to snow outside, so we wish you all a safe and happy weekend!

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