Saturday, December 3, 2016

Little Milo Born 7/04/15

Honey Ridge has an open door policy for all puppies.  If for any reason a family cannot keep their puppy, the puppy is welcomed back home as part of the family.
We work with the puppy to discover their personality and retain them before we start looking to find the puppy a forever home.
Milo is one of 3 puppies that have been returned over the years for various reasons.
Milo was born in July 2015, and is still very much a puppy. 
Milo was returned to us in April of 2016, due to his high energy levels.  We have a fenced in yard where Milo can run and play off leash and he has proven to be a perfect gentelman,
 who happens to be rather high energy.
He loves to play, and does need either a very active family or a fenced in yard to burn off excess energy.
Milo loves to play with toys and his current favorite playmate is Daddy Rampage.
After playing Milo likes to cuddle too.  He tends to cuddle for a bit, then check out what is going on before returning to my lap.

Milo has a very special place in my heart because our very first Bichon, Miss Minnie Mouse, was given to us because her family could not handle her energy level.  And Miss Minnie was a godsend to our family, she and my youngest child would run and play and wear each other out.
Miss Minnie Mouse is now 13 and just starting to slow down.
If you are interested in an already neutered and potty trained older puppy that happens to have a good amount of energy, please feel free to contact me.  I would love to keep Milo, but I know that he is still waiting for his forever family.

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