Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Nova's Puppies' 12/16 pics

The puppies are growing quite quickly now! it seems like only a few days ago they were just taking their first few wobbly steps, and now they're running all over the house to and fro. They're definitely developing some personality now - some of them are more playful, some are more laid-back. 
These pictures were taken on the 16th, but there was a family event on the 17th in which the camera got sent home to the wrong house with all the pictures on it, and it just got sent back to the right place, so this blog post is a lot later in the week than I'd like! 

A pile of puppies hanging out in little sweaters I made for them - it was cold in the house and they needed some extra warmth.

Some puppies getting powdered kibble - they really took to the powdered kibble quite quickly! 

Horsea - the second-smallest boy. Horsea is the quietest of the group. I often see him playing out and about and roughhousing, but he never complains about anything. Even tumbles that cause other puppies to run to mommy don't seem to faze him - he just keeps on trucking. 

Ghastly - the middle boy. Ghastly is also a quiet one, but more reserved. His favorite activity is napping and cuddling, rather than going out and getting in trouble. The puppys' favorite napping spot is near our feet, and that's the first place Ghastly will go in the morning.  

Ditto - one of the two largest boys. Ditto is always looking for human attention. Whether it be cuddles, playing, or comfort after a tumble, he wants us to know what he's doing and that we should do it too. Ditto also has the best markings out of the group - his blacking was all in before he opened his eyes, and he even has some black markings on the underside of his ear and inside his mouth. 

Raichu - the other largest boy. Raichu is a middle-of-the-road sort of puppy. He likes to play sometimes, but other times he'd rather nap. Sometimes he wants to play with the other puppies, sometimes he'd rather have human attention. Somewhat vocal, but not the loudest. 

Pidgey - the smallest boy. Pidgey is a very adventurous little baby. He loves to get in trouble, and loves to investigate new things. He also loves human attention and cuddles - and he usually gets them, because he's so dang adorable. Being smallest also gives him a more terrier-like face, rather than the hound-like face the bigger puppies have. 

Jynx - Biggest girl. Jynx is about as big as Ditto and Raichu are - maybe a little bit smaller. Jynx is very laid back. She's one of the puppies who would much rather be napping and cuddling than getting up and running about. She's quite quiet as well. 

Eevee - Smallest Girl. Eevee is the very smallest out of all the puppies. As the very smallest, she gets a little bit of special attention from us. She's definitely adventurous and playful, and somehow has the most energy out of all the puppies. Somewhat vocal, but not as much as Raichu and Ditto. She's a positive little angel, and picks herself right back up after any setback. 

Last weekend's open houses ended up not going through due to the weather, but we still brought Rampage over to meet the puppies and we opened our second BarkBox and had everyone play with the included stuff. The dogs were particular fans of the hot cocoa mug, because it made a wonderfully great forage toy (the sort of toy you hide treats or food in and they have to figure out how to get the treats out) 

The puppies go to their first vet visit tomorrow, the 22nd. They'll get their first puppy shots and a general look-over. Then with a clean bill of health in hand they'll come back home and get a nice bath before meeting the first forever family on Friday~

Thanks for reading, and as always, feel free to peruse the rest of the pictures on our Google+ Album, and ask us any questions you might have,
~Kim and Loretta

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