Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Time for Park Pictures!

Boy have our little garden flowers grown!
It is hard to believe that in just a few short days they will start heading to their new forever homes.
We have 4 princes still waiting for their forever families to find them.

This is prince Chervil. Chervil is full of love and loves to make me laugh.
Chervil also has less facial hair so he will not have problems with tear stains.

Vervain is all boy! Vervain loves to wrestle and play and then curl up in my lap for a nap.
Vervain also has less facial hair so he will not have problems with tear stains.

Licorice knows how to work the camera. He is a little more independent than some of our other puppies and will not mind if you need to go to work, as long as you bring a treat home for him.
Licorice has a bit more facial hair than Vervain and Chervil but he probably will not have tear staining issues.

Periwinkle is our shy puppy. Periwinkle likes to wait until he is sure that the ghost is clear before heading into the fray. I think that Periwinkle would most like a home that has a family member that stays home most of the time or has another dog that would babysit Periwinkle while the humans were out. Of course Periwinkle like to get his way most of the time and he could be pulling the wool over my eyes just to get extra attention too.

I would like to thank our good puppy friend, Wendy, for spending the day at the park with us. Even though it was rather warm on Monday, we couldn't have gone to the park without extra help. 8 puppies running in 8 directions it was lots of fun, but lots of work too.
Our Newest puppy to find his forever family is Marshmallow! Marshmallow is looking forward to finding out what a "Manhattan, KS" is. So far the puppies think it must be a fancy drink, maybe broth blended with yogurt?

Harry is so excited about meeting his family. Harry loves to play chase and be the center of attention.

King Louie is going to stay with us a few extra days before heading to Mn to meet his forever family. He is happy to help mom not feel too lonely after his siblings start going home.

Our Princess Lily just knows that she is going to love Minnesota. Of course her sister Bella told her all about the land of ten thousand lakes just a few days ago. Lily has been dreaming of all the adventures that she will have with Bella.

I took almost 400 pictures at the park, but edited them down to just over
200 of the best pictures this week.
The puppies are keeping me pretty busy running this way and that, but I am pleasantly exhausted at the end of each day.
If you are interested in our little guys or have any questions please send me an email at

I think it may be time to go out to potty again. Have a great day.

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