Monday, May 2, 2011

The puppies are 6 weeks old.

We had a fun, although very windy open house on Sunday. My husband went all out and put up the gazebo and found enough playpen panels to surround the gazebo so the puppies could not wander too far away. I didn't have the heart to go inside, even though it was chilly.
The pictures of the puppies with their ears blowing in the wind are super cute,
so maybe it was worth suffering through the wind.

We still have 5 puppies looking for their forever homes. They are
Vervain our happy little prince.

Chervil is just a little cheeky :)

Marshmallow loves to follow us everywhere,and is our longest hair prince.
This was all wind, but I couldn't help myself.
Licorice looks very proper in this picture.
Licorice loves to play but is always the first to settle down.

And our Prince Periwinkle. Periwinkle is just so super cute with his beige ears
and he knows it too!

Basil has found his forever family and he is going to be called Harry. Harry is looking forward to having lots of fun with his 4 new human siblings.

Sage has found his forever family and really likes his forever name, Louie. I have been calling him King Louie because he has such a regal look.

Lily had so much fun meeting her forever family and big sister Bella. And loves the toy and pretty dress they brought for her to play with. She is now teaching the boys how to behave in front of a real lady :)

The puppies have been really hard to get good pictures of because every time I try, they all end up in my lap. And of course I end up laughing and playing with the little darlings.

Tonight the puppies will start sleeping 2 kiddos per bedroom (kennel) so that by next Monday they are all ready to sleep in their very own bedrooms. It will not be long and they will start heading home.
I took lots of pictures and posted them in our online photo album.

If you are interested in our little princes please feel free to contact me with any questions
or to arrange a visit at

Rose and Saul have decided that they will be having puppies around July 4th.
Rose already has 4 or 5 families on the waiting list for her puppies, but if you would like to be added to her list just let me know.
I am off to get puppy kisses,

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