Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Fawkes little ones are 8 weeks old!

Fawkes Puppies have are 8 weeks old and are starting to go home!
We still have 2 little Princes waiting to find their forever families they are
Chervil and Vervain!

Vervain is a cute little Prince, and quite a charmer.

Here Vervain is charming Daddy into some play time.

Chervil is an adorable little prince. Chervil is our little clown and spends lots of his time making me laugh. I am not sure if he does it on purpose but sure is fun.
Chervil likes to take naps in his kennel, the first time he did I couldn't find him.
Boy, did we laugh when I found him already fast asleep in his bed.

Our regal Louie is looking forward to spending time exploring the land of 10,000 lakes with his family.

Our most handsome Harry is gearing up to meet his family on Sunday.
He is hoping that maybe his new best-est friend will save him some birthday cake.

Licorice is now Cody and is happy to be back on solid ground in the great state of Pennsylvania.
Cody is looking forward to exploring all the new smells, and just hanging out with his new family.

Wilson, the puppy formerly known as Marshmallow, went home on Monday. He was super excited to be the second puppy to go home with his new forever family.

Peri is also very excited to be back on solid ground, but he is checking out the great state of Texas with his new best friend Pearl.

I did take lots of pictures of our boys on their 8 week old birthday, both before and after they had their bath. They did smell lots better after their bath. If only the pictures were scratch and sniff ;-)

We are still working on leash training and the puppies are doing ok,
as long as I follow them and don't ask them to follow me.
Potty training is going much better. The puppies and I go out to play and potty several times every day. We are giving the puppies lots of praise when they go potty outside, and if we can, a little food treat too.
We are having lots of fun enjoying the puppies as they grow and I am making sure to get my fill of puppy kisses before they all go home.
Please feel free to send me an email with any questions that you might have. Or if you are interested in Vervain or Chervil. My email address is
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